Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1697

Cathy was speechless. So that was why he was unhappy just now.

“Yes, I admire him quite a bit.” Catherine nodded without concealing her admiration.

Titus may be both good and evil, but ever since he rescued Suzie, Catherine began to respect the man from the bottom of her heart.

He pampered and cherished Shery as a husband, but he did not overindulge her. To be truthful, with Titus’s strength, Shaun and she might have died long ago if he went all out on them when he first came to Melbourne.

It was said that the more money a man had, the more bad habits he had. However, she could not see that in Titus.

He was truly good to Sheryl. Whether she was good or bad, he did not abandon her when she became sick.

Although she did not like Sheryl, she was envious of that love and marriage.

As for herself, her marriage was a failure, and Shaun was not as open-minded and tolerant as Titus either. Otherwise, he would not have been easily deceived and used by Sarah.

Perhaps he did change a lot after they reconciled, but not long after they got back together, he…

Catherine looked at Shaun sadly and saw him frowning despondently.

“Cathy, don’t worry. I’ll become an admirable man like him.” Shaun clenched his fists in determination. “I’ll study hard and take Hill Corporation back.”

Catherine smiled. “I admire him not because of how domineering he is in the business world. You won’t understand.”

“Then you can tell me. I can learn,” Shaun quickly added.

“What do you want to learn?” Catherine gave him a side glance. “What I admire is his fidelity to marriage and how forgiving he is when it comes to love. Who are you going to use this on if you learn it?”

Shaun froze.

He was still very far from experiencing marriage and love.

He was a little distressed. He had never encountered these before yesterday. In fact, he could tell from the group photos on his phone that he had a close relationship with Cathy.

However, Cathy was married and had children. What relationship did he use to have with her? Shaun was very lost.

“Let’s go home. You still have class later.” Catherine did not think too much about it. She admitted that Shaun was growing very fast, but how unlikely was it for him to understand love yet?

Not long after getting into the car, Freya called. “ Cathy, are you done? Rodney said he wants to go to the manor to visit Shaun. I also haven’t seen you for several days, so I’ll be coming along with him.”

“Tsk. You two are getting along quite well, huh? You’re even going to places as a couple now.

Catherine teased with a grin.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Freya hurriedly warned her in a low voice.

Catherine could instantly guess that Rodney might be present, so she smiled. “Okay, then. I’ll go to the supermarket later to buy some groceries. You’re more than welcome to come over.”

“Hehe. Remember to make a few more of my favorite dishes.”

Freya grinned and hung up the phone. Once she turned around, she was confronted with Rodney’s handsome face.

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