Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1699

“He doesn’t think of himself as a two-year-old baby anymore. I told him that he’s actually older than me. I’ve recently hired several professors for him, and he’s learning rapidly. He’ll probably catch up to his previous level of knowledge in a month.”

“But… So what? He still doesn’t remember the past and the feelings both of you used to share.” Freya hesitated and then reminded her, “How many times has he forgotten you and then fallen in love with you again?”

Catherine fell silent and became a little sad. Yes, how many times has it been?

It seemed like ever since she met Shaun in Melbourne, she had always been the one trying her best to pursue him and attract his attention.

Even after she came back from the United States, she used her methods to seduce him from Sarah.

Yes, she succeeded every time, but was she tired? She was really tired.

The mutual and pure love was always out of her reach.

“I don’t know.” Catherine was lost. “Back then, his memory was only disordered, but this time, he is like a baby. He is a blank slate when it comes to feelings. In fact, I can easily make him fall in love with me. However, life is a long journey, and I can’t help but wonder if it’ll happen again. If it does, will I be able to take the initiative and stay strong every time? How many times can I do this? I’m not made of steel. I’m just an ordinary woman.”

“Cathy, I have never commented about your relationships, but my heart aches for you when I see you like this. I really do feel like… Shaun doesn’t know how to take care of himself at all. If he wants to date you, don’t agree to him so easily.”

Freya said, “He has it good to be able to just forget everything. To be honest, if the person I like forgets me time and time again, I will want to slap him to death even if he was tricked by another person.

Since he has a wife and child, it’s his responsibility to protect his own brain.”

“You’re right. ” Catherine smiled. “Let’s wait for now. After this is all over, I want to be single for a while. Relationships are always like that. Although it’s sweet sometimes, it can be very painful some other times too, especially… your feelings. You’ ll

always be the only one who remembers the unforgettable events.”

“Will Shaun remember the past? Will Chester be able to find a way?” Freya asked.

“I don’t know either.”

In the study.

Shaun was on his laptop, carefully studying Hill Corporation’s relevant information.

He wanted to master all the information regarding Hill Corporation quickly so that he could take control of Hill Corporation as soon as possible and lessen Cathy’s burden.

“Thump thump.”

There was a sudden knock on the door outside.

Thinking it was Aunty Yasmine sending him food, he said, “Come in.”

“Shaun, I’m here to play with you.” A beautiful man with an alluring face and dressed in a floral shirt came in.

Shaun cast him a cold side glance. He remembered this face. This person had visited him in the hospital before, but he did not remember his name.

“Who are you?”

Rodney’s beaming face froze. “I… I’m Rodney. I introduced myself to you when I was at the hospital to see you.”

“Oh. ” Shaun’s gaze returned to the laptop screen, treating Rodney as if he was invisible.

Rodney felt like he was back in junior high school. Damn it. Back then, Shaun also treated him like he was invisible.

“Shaun, I specifically came here to visit you.” Rodney approached shamelessly. “Catherine said that you know your real age now. Actually, I’m your best friend of twenty years. You can’t have forgotten our deep friendship just because you lost your memories, right?”

“You’re annoying.” Shaun glanced at him in disdain.

“Well, I was going to tell you some important information, but it seems like you don’t need it. In that case, I’ll go…”

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