Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1700

“Wait,” Shaun spoke again.

“No, I’ll leave. You’re not the Shaun I know anyway. You don’t care about a friend like me at all.” Rodney sighed softly. “Don’t tell me to stay.”

“ I’m not telling you to stay.” Shaun looked at him speechlessly. Did he really have such a neurotic friend?

Rodney, who was suddenly embarrassed, said, “ I’m really leaving.”

“ Sit down.” Shaun pointed at the chair at the side.

Only then did Rodney swagger to take a seat. His eyes glanced at the laptop on the desk. “Looking at information about Hill Corporation?”

Shaun did not answer him. He simply frowned for a while before asking, “What was my relationship with Cathy in the past?”

“Why don’t you guess?” Rodney raised his eyebrows, gloating.

“ If I could guess, would I be here talking to you?”

Shaun snorted. “Forget it. If you don’t want to tell me, I can find out by other means.”

“You’re so cruel.” Rodney was a little angry. “Don’t you feel anything at all?”

Shaun frowned. He did not know how to use a computer or a phone before this. However, now that he did, he secretly checked it with his phone this morning. If an adult man and woman kissed, they must be in some sort of relationship.

Moreover, the kiss he had with Cathy was a french kiss.

Upon recalling that information, his handsome face turned a little red.

“Hehe. What naughty thoughts are you thinking?” Rodney chuckled.

Shaun glanced at him coldly. “She’s my girlfriend? But she’s already married and has children. Then, a m I… her paramour?”

“…Ahem. You’re pretty amazing to know what a paramour is.” Rodney gave him a thumbs up. “That description is quite appropriate.”

That was the same as admitting it. Shaun’s face darkened.

He really was a shameful paramour?

“You don’t need to be angry. You had it coming. ” Rodney chuckled. “Do you know who Suzie and Lucas’s dad is?”

“How would I know?” Shaun was annoyed. “Just get to the point.”

“You are Suzie and Lucas, ” Rodney said coolly.

“What?” Shaun was shocked. Yesterday, he realized that he was not a two-year-old baby, and today, he had to accept that he had two three-year-old children?

He held his head and felt the need to calm down. “ How is that possible?”

“Can’t you see how much Suzie resembles you? Catherine and you were once married, but… you divorced her for another woman. Then, Catherine married Wesley, but Wesley was a liar and refused to divorce her. However, you both got back together after you pursued her. So that’s the story, ” Rodney explained complicatedly.

Shaun furrowed his brows.

He really did not expect his past relationship with Cathy to be so complicated.

However, when he thought that Cathy was his girlfriend and that they had children together, he did not seem to mind it at all. In fact, he was quite happy.

Did this mean that she would never leave him?

“Oh, let me show you something.” A mysterious smile suddenly etched across Rodney’s face. “ I’m only showing this to you because you’re my bro.”

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