Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1702

Shaun looked up just in time to see Catherine turn to talk to Freya after giving him the fish. In the bright living room, her beautiful little face was stunning, like she had walked out of a painting.

With her snow-white skin and thick black eyebrows, she looked like a butterfly with her wings out, ready to fly.

At that moment, he remembered the image he had seen on the computer, and his head felt inexplicably warm.

Freya suddenly cried out. “Woah! Why do you have a nosebleed?”

Shaun looked down to see a few drops of red liquid in his bowl. He then touched his nose with his hand and panicked.

Was he sick?

“Holy sh*t. Come on, let’s go. I’ll take you to the bathroom to wash up.” Rodney hurriedly led him towards the toilet downstairs.

After entering, he took a paper towel, wet it with water, and wiped Shaun’s nose. He said contemptuously, “Bro, was that necessary? What kind of dirty pictures were you thinking about when you were eating?”

Shaun looked at him in shock. “How did you know?”

“Your eyes were basically on fire when you looked at Catherine, and then you suddenly had a nosebleed. How would I not know? I’ve… been there too.” Rodney coughed in embarrassment. He used to be like this when he was single, but he never expected Shaun to be so disappointing, too. From now on, he was no longer the only one.

Shaun was speechless.

Well, he thought he had some kind of disease.

“Wipe it, and stop thinking about it,” Rodney reminded him. “Don’t expose yourself.”


In the dining room.

Freya quietly leaned toward Catherine. “I noticed that Shaun was staring super intently at you just now, as if he wanted to eat you up. Then, he had a nosebleed.”

“Aren’t you overthinking it?” Catherine cast her a disdainful look. “He’s a blank canvas now. He’s as pure as can be.”

“Oh really? But I heard from Rodney that his illness has been cured. Are you sure you don’t want to take the opportunity to attend to your… Hehe, you know what I mean.” Freya wiggled her eyebrows and winked.

“Get out.” Catherine’s heart skipped a beat, and she glared at Freya. “You can go to Rodney too.”

“Ew, like hell I’ll go to him.” While Freya grumbled, Rodney and Shaun came back.

After the meal, Rodney and Freya stayed until 3:00 p.m. before leaving, and Shaun was taken to class by the professor.

In the evening, when the two children were playing with their toys, Catherine pulled Shaun into the adjacent bedroom and said solemnly, “From now on, you’ll sleep in this room.”

“Why?” Shaun did not catch what she said. All he could think about was his previous relationship with Cathy. Was it not normal for them to sleep together?

“I slept with you before this because there were many things you didn’t know how to do, and you couldn’t take care of yourself. Since you’ve made rapid progress in the past two days and you’re a grown man, you should know it’s inappropriate for a man and woman to sleep together. It’s better if you sleep here, ” Catherine explained to him patiently.

Shaun blinked. “But you used to help me take baths even when I felt uncomfortable, and we hugged each other to sleep every night. You didn’t say it was inappropriate back then.”

Catherine blushed. “You only had a mental age of two back then. I couldn’t help it.”

“So, because I was two years old… you took advantage of me, and even… gave me a French kiss?” Shaun looked at her with his pure black eyes.

His stare made Catherine feel like digging a hole and crawling into it.

“I looked it up on my phone.” Shaun debunked her words. “What you did to me back then was something only a boyfriend and girlfriend, or a husband and wife would do. You told me not to treat you as an aunt, and you don’t want to be my aunt. Is it because you want to be my woman instead?”

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