Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1705

At night.

Catherine tossed and turned but could not fall asleep.

Although she was firm when talking to Shaun, she was still worried that he would overthink all the truths he learned in the last two days.

Furthermore, she was a little unaccustomed to the sudden absence beside her.

The next day, she woke up at 6:00 a.m. When she came out, she saw that the light in the second-floor study was on.

She walked over and gently opened the door to see Shaun sitting on the desk in his pajamas, carefully flipping through a pile of thick documents on the desk.

“What are you doing?” she asked aloud, stunned.

At her voice, Shaun turned around. Under his slightly ruffled black hair, his dark eyes were as calm as spring water. “I’m looking at some information and documents related to Hill Corporation.”

“Where did you get them?”

“ I had Hadley send them over last night,” Shaun said in embarrassment.

Catherine was surprised. It meant that late last night after their talk, Hadley must have come over, and she might have been asleep by then. “Did you stay up all night…”

“No, I slept. I’m going to Hill Corporation today, so I don’t want to fight an unprepared battle, ” Shaun said seriously.

Catherine pursed her pretty lips.

Mixed feelings and self-mockery washed over her. It seemed like he had adapted well and accepted it quickly. She was the one who was overthinking.

Perhaps he felt relieved after thinking through what she had said yesterday.

“I’m fine. Why don’t you… sleep in?” Shaun looked at her and felt that she looked very tired.

“No, I want to go for a run. ” Catherine shook her head. “Oh, I’ll accompany you to the company after breakfast.”

“No need. Hadley will pick me up later. Besides, I’m planning to go there early. You should go and do your own thing, Cathy.”

Shaun refused. Since he knew that Hill Corporation was his, he could not rely on her all the time.

Furthermore, if she went to Hill Corporation, she might be humiliated and looked down upon by Wade.

He did not want her to go through that.

The old him might have been very impressive since he was the richest man in the country. However, in his eyes now, that person was schemed against

time and time again and lost his memories. He may have given Catherine love, but he also left her with a lot of burdens and pain.

If a man could not protect his memory, what right did he have to love a woman?

Of course, he was not who he used to be. However, not everything was all talk and no action.

He was sure that the old him was quite good at talking to have captured her heart.

However, he did not want that. He wanted to clear all the obstacles and then walk up to tell her that he was worthy of loving her.


Catherine did not know what he was thinking. All she knew was that Shaun seemed different after a night.

When she left the study and went downstairs, she was in a daze.

If it were in the past, Shaun would have insisted on following her if he heard she was going for a run.

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