Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1706

In the past, Shaun would never separate from her, and he always wanted her accompaniment.

Heh. Although Catherine knew that he would grow up, she was still disappointed that he was growing so fast.

Fortunately, she was clear-headed enough.

She understood that what Shaun had for her was dependence, not love.

Just as Catherine came back from her run, she happened to see Shaun get into a black car and leave.

She stared in a daze for a long time before coming back to her senses.

After sending the children to the preschool, she drove to Militaire Hospital.

She walked in after parking her car and saw the burly Titus in the private garden. With his back to her, a withered leaf fell on his shoulder and made the big man look a little bleak.

“Uncle Titus…” Catherine called out softly.

Titus snapped back to his senses. “Why are you here?”

“I contacted your assistant on the phone, and he let me in.” Catherine noticed his bloodshot eyes. “Did you sleep?”

Titus rubbed his eyebrows. “I had to deal with something until late last night…”

“Are you worried about Matthew?” Catherine interrupted him, her eyes sharp and bright.

“Like I said, as my son, he couldn’t even protect himself. He deserves to be kidnapped. The weak aren’t allowed in the Costner family.” Titus’s majestic voice was cold and heartless.

Catherine thought about Matthew’s young and handsome face, and her heart ached. She did not dare to imagine how Matthew would look like when she saw him again. “Uncle Titus, you’re saying those words as the head of the Costner family, but what about as Matthew’s father? You must be a strict father, but I believe that you love your child more than anyone else. In fact, what you did at the meeting yesterday was very satisfying and pleasing. However, I’m worried that Wesley will take out his embarrassment and hatred on Matthew…” “It’s enough for me if I can rescue him alive.”

Titus interrupted her and stared into her eyes. “

Other than a family dispute when I was young, I have never suffered such a big loss. I have been tricked to the point I have to lock my wife up, and my son is nowhere to be found. Do you know what it would mean if I compromise and retreat?”

“It means that the powerful Costner family has been manipulated by a puny guy called Wesley Lyons in Australia. We’ll become a global laughing stock, and the Costner family reputation will be in ruins. The forces I’ve managed to get under my thumb after a lot of effort will think that I’ve grown old, and they’ll begin to stir up trouble. If that happens, Neah Bay will be in a bloody storm again. In the past, it was a dog-eat-dog place.”

Catherine was shocked. She really did not expect that so much would be at stake.

“You didn’t think of that, did you? Neither did Wesley. That was why he used Matthew to threaten me, thinking that he could restrain me. I can’t retreat, but at most, I can give him a chance to live.”

Titus laughed coldly. “Besides, do you think he’ll immediately let Matthew go if I don’t get involved in

Hill Corporation’s matters? You’re wrong. He’ll be afraid of my revenge and use Matthew to threaten me for at least five or six years. Once he has Hill Corporation in one hand and Golden Corporation in another, he’ll become a poweful figure not only in Austalia but in the world. Then, he’ll support Gavin Mead to run for the next term and get rid of the Snow family. By then, he can decide whether he wants to return Matthew to me or not. In any case, I wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.”

Cathenrine’s hair stood on end as she listened.

Wenley’s scheme was… truly terrifying.

What was even more terrifying was that Titus completely was through Wesley. “How do you…”

“You’ll know about these kinds of things when you see them more often.” Titus said faintly, “Why else do you think Gavin helped him? Both of them have an exchange of interests.”

Catherine fell silent, not knowing what to say. In front of these big shots, she felt tiny.

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