Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1707

“Do you… want to see Sheryl?” Titus suddenly asked.

“…No need. If I see her, she’ll definitely scold me and say I’m seducing you again. She has nothing good to say to me anyway.” Catherine shook her head firmly.

“It seems like… you’re very disappointed in this mother.” Titus smiled intriguingly. “But do you know how rich she is? She might be even richer than me.”

“I know. She’s the owner of Soromon Island, which has tons of oil reserves. She’s extremely wealthy.” Catherine shrugged.

Titus was surprised. “ Since you know, you should understand that as her daughter, you’ll be the richest woman in the world just by inheriting a fraction of her wealth.”

“What’s the point in that? I’d have to hire a bunch of bodyguards to protect me from jealous people. If I’m not careful, I’ll be blackmailed and kidnapped.” Catherine shrugged and said in amusement, “I’ve never been short of money since I was a child. I have been living very well, and h many people in the country are envious of me. I have everything I need and can buy anything I want. I live in a mansion and drive a sports car. I don’t want anything else.”

“You’re really…” Titus’s deep eyes revealed a smile. “You’ re very clear-headed. Unfortunately, many people are greedy.”

“Perhaps it’s because I grew up with my grandparents. When I was young, they would give me whatever I wanted.” Catherine said a little ruefully, “I’ll leave now.”

After she left, Warren came over with a heavy expression. “Ms. Jones just left?”

“Her affection for Sheryl probably ran out long ago.” Titus sighed and shook his head. “Sherry was a fool.”

“That’s a shame. Ms. Jones is a good lady.” Warren was silent for a moment before pulling out a paper bag and a note from behind him. “Wesley sent a note over. He said that for each day you refuse to give up Hill Corporation and allow Golden Corporation to do business in Country Y, he’ll… cut off one of Young Master’s fingers.”

Titus’s eyes fell on the finger in the paper bag. It was his son’s finger, and there was a scar on it too.

He had to admit that Wesley really knew how to pick the finger.

“President Costner…” Warren looked pained.

“Go and urge Nathan Snow to speed up the progress of the case. Also, create more bad medical press abroad against Golden Corporation.” A hostile glint flashed across Titus’s eyes before he said,“ Also, tell Wesley that he can cut off Matthew’s fingers if he wants to. But when he’s at the end of his rope, I’ll make his fate ten thousand times worse than Matthew.”

“ …Understood,” Warren replied stiffly.

After he left, no one saw Titus hammer his fist on a nearby tree. Blood then flowed out from his joints.

He said coldly, “Wesley Lyons, I’ll make you suffer a fate worse than death.”

In the hospital.

Hannah carried a fruit basket into the luxuriously decorated VIP ward.

Wesley was leaning on the headboard with a computer on the small bed table. She did not know what he was reading, but his elegant face was extremely cold and sinister.

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