Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1708

However, when Wesley saw Hannah come in, he immediately kept the coldness on his face and smiled warmly. “Ms. Mead, what brings you here?”

“We heard something happened to you, so my father told me to come to see you.” Hannah tossed the fruit basket on the table and said with an indifferent expression.

To be honest, she hated Wesley. He may look elegant, but he was full of schemes. As a woman, although she was jealous of Catherine, she also understood Catherine’s feelings. Wesley was not half as manly as Shaun, and his business acumen was not as good as Shaun’s either. Instead, he liked to take shortcuts and was a crook.

However, her father said that he needed a venomous snake like Wesley to act as the vanguard. Otherwise, how could she become a princess in the future?

“Please thank Minister Mead for me.” Wesley smiled faintly. “Have a seat, Ms. Mead.”

Hannah said indifferently, “No need for that. My father was furious in his office this morning. He has learned about Golden Corporation’s scandal abroad and wants me to ask you a question. Is Golden Corporation ruined?”

Wesley secretly clenched his fists.

He had just sent Titus Matthew’s finger over this morning, so he never expected that Titus would send him such a large gift in the afternoon.

Now, the trending searches abroad were full of news that Golden Corporation’s medicine had killed patients. At present, Golden Corporation’s drugs were considered prohibited drugs in various countries, and no country was allowed to use Golden Corporation’s medicine anymore. Any enterprise that used the drugs and equipment produced from Golden Corporation’s raw materials would also be blacklisted.

From 2:00 p.m., his phone had been blowing up with many domestic and foreign manufacturers requesting to return the products and terminate their cooperation with Golden Corporation.

The stock price plummeted the moment the market opened, and many investors panicked.

His net value also dropped significantly. The worst thing was that many of his partners abroad with

whom he had a good relationship refused to pick up his calls.

Internationally, he was completely at his wits’ end.

“Ms. Mead, you can tell Minister Mead to rest assured. I’ll do my best to solve this matter…”

“How are you going to solve it? Everyone knows that Titus Costner made the move. Didn’t you say that he wouldn’t dare to do anything to you because his son is in your hands?” Hannah interrupted him with a mocking expression. “And now, all the Mead family’s relatives abroad are in trouble. Those relatives are hounding the Mead family all day, asking my dad to find a way, but what can my dad do? The confidants he has supported for decades have all been ruined by you.”

Wesley looked extremely embarrassed.

His fists under the quilt clenched tightly. He took a deep breath, feeling his ribs ache faintly. “Don’t worry. I’ll take over Hill Corporation. Wade is one of my men, and Shaun’s brain is damaged. He’s just a fool now.”

“So what if Wade is one of your men? Jeffery didn’t get Hill Corporation’s shares, and Titus has urged the court to speed up their progress. As long as Titus fights this lawsuit, Jeffery has no chance of winning. Sheryl gave Rebecca goo billion dollars, not g dollars or a house. The judge will definitely give the shares to Titus. After all that you’ve done, you’re letting the Costner family benefit instead.” Hannah sneered.

“No. When Titus and Sheryl got married, they signed a prenuptial agreement. That goo billion dollars belong to Sheryl. He has no right to recover it,” Wesley suddenly said grimly.

Hannah paused. “But that’s a private agreement between Sheryl and him. The judge doesn’t know about it, and we have no evidence, so it’s useless unless Sheryl comes out. But she’s locked up in Militaire Hospital now for treatment.”

“Then we’ll let her out.” Wesley looked at her deep in the eyes.

“Do you have a way?” Hannah raised her brows.

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