Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1710

‘Titus Costner, you’re so cruel. You’re so cruel.’

Sheryl’s brain buzzed. She had only one thought in her mind and that was to escape.

She wanted to see Rebecca one last time. The following night.

When the doctor came in and injected Sheryl with sedatives as usual. Just as everyone thought that she was about to fall asleep, she suddenly knocked the doctor and the bodyguards at the door unconscious. Then, she jumped out of the window and escaped via the pipe next to the outer wall.

When Titus rushed there, all he saw was the doctor and bodyguards in charge of Sheryl standing outside guiltily.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Costner. The Madam was very skilled. We…” The bodyguard captain bowed his head in guilt. They were experts from the Snow family and thought keeping watch of a woman would be easy. Never did they expect that a woman could get away under five men’s noses.

Titus’s expression turned cold, and he clenched his jaw.

As his wife and the owner of Soromon Island, Sheryl was definitely formidable. She had been well trained by the previous owner of the island, so her skill was not inferior to these bodyguards.


Titus looked at the doctor coldly. “Hasn’t she been taking medicine and injections every day? How did she have the strength to resist?”

“I… I don’t know either.” The doctor said, “ Logically, it’s not possible…”

Titus’s cold eyes swept over the group of doctors and nurses. “I don’t want to hear your excuses.

There are only two reasons why the medicine didn’t work. One, she overcame the side effects with amazing perseverance, or two, the medicine you injected into her didn’t work.”

The doctor froze and burst into a cold sweat.

The medicine was useful before, so it could not be useless. That left the second possibility.

“ Since Prime Minister Snow highly recommends your hospital, I hope you don’t let Nathan and your dean down. I want to know the reason before dawn“ tomorrow.”

With that, Titus turned around and left.

Warren hurriedly followed after him. “President Costner, should we ask Prime Minister Nathan to send help to find her?”

“No need. I know where she’ll go.” Titus strode to the car.

Two hours later, the car appeared at the funeral home.

Titus walked into the mourning hall just in time to see Sheryl holding an urn with her back to him. She was still wearing a white hospital gown, and in the late-night, the sight of her made him shudder.

At one side, Sally was crying while wiping her tears. “Why are you here? You’re the cause of her death. If I had known that this would happen… I wouldn’t have allowed Rebecca to acknowledge you. After she found out her identity, she scoured across the world to find her mother. But after she did, she lost her life instead… Rebecca… Your life was so miserable. ”

Sheryl clutched the urn tightly as tears of guilt and pain filled her eyes. She still could not accept the fact. “She’s really…”

“I also wish that it was fake, but I personally sent her to be cremated.” Sally sobbed. “Jeffery said he wanted to wait until you came out, so she was frozen until yesterday when Titus forced us and even sent someone to destroy her body. We couldn’t stop him, so we had to cremate her.”

“I sent someone to destroy her body?” Titus’s cold voice suddenly echoed in the memorial hall.

Sally jumped in fright when she saw him and hurriedly hid behind Sheryl. “You… Why are you here?”

Seeing Sally’s frightened expression, Sheryl turned around and looked at Titus’s tall and handsome

face without concealing the hatred in her eyes. “ Titus, we’ve been married for 2o years. Why do you want to exterminate my family? It’s fine if you’ve had a change of heart. I can give up my position,

but what did Rebecca do wrong? What did my brother and sister-in-law do wrong?”

“It’s… It’s because he wants to take over your assets. ” Sally said boldly, “He locked you up and sued your brother in your name to recover the money you gave to Rebecca, saying that it was your joint asset as husband and wife. Your brother and I aren’t money-minded people, but we just can’t stand how he protects Catherine. He has let you down.”

“ Shut your mouth. Stop twisting what’s right and wrong.”

Warren rebuked them angrily as he could not bear to listen to it anymore. “You and Jeffery are money- hungry ones, and Rebecca isn’t our Madam’s daughter at all. It’s all a lie fabricated by your family.”

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