Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1711

“Drop it. You mean to say Catherine is Sheryl’s daughter, don’t you? You guys killed Rebecca and drove Sheryl crazy so Catherine can impersonate Sheryl’s biological daughter and legitimately get her inheritance. Titus Costner, why did Sheryl marry such a wicked, scheming man like you?”

Sally snorted. “I really have no idea how Catherine has bewitched you guys. What’s so great about her? Just because she’s younger than Sheryl? How unfaithful of you.”

The word ‘younger’ resembled a needle that pricked Sheryl’s temples all of a sudden.

Even her fragile body began to totter.

“Sherry…” Worried, Titus wanted to hold her up.

“Don’t come near me,” Sheryl glowered at him as if he was filthy. “Seeing you makes me feel like puking.”

Titus was frozen to the spot. Despite having established himself as a masterful figure for years, he was deeply hurt by his wife’s words at this


His azure eyes carried a heavy sense of melancholy.

However, Sheryl felt that he was putting on an act now. “Titus Costner, you locked me up and even caused Rebecca’s death. I’ ll settle the scores with you one by one. As for Rebecca’s spending, it was up to her to acquire or buy anything. I’m the only person who has the right to ask her back for the money. Nobody else can do that, and you’re no exception. Before we got married, we signed a prenuptial agreement, which states that my assets have nothing to do with you. Even if I want to distribute them to my brother, it’s my business.”

Warren was anxious. “Madam, you’re senile…”

“Let’s drop it. You’ll never wake up from your deep sleep,” Titus interrupted him.

“Enough. Stop pretending, ” Sheryl snorted. “The personal vendetta between us will never end. I’ll soon send the divorce papers over to you and divorce you as soon as possible.”

“I won’t divorce you.”

As soon as Titus finished speaking, he darted a menacing glance at Sally before he turned around and walked away.

Only after Titus left did Sally heave a sigh of relief. God knew how frightened she was whenever she faced Titus, especially after she learned that he had beaten Wesley up unscrupulously in the meeting room.

Sheryl rested her startled gaze on the ashes in her hand, which reminded her of the other missing son.

She could not figure out why things had ended up this way after her visit to Australia.

Recently, she had been suffering from dizzy spells but she held on to keep herself from fainting.

She still had a revenge to serve.

“By the way, Sister-in-law, I forgot to ask Titus whether he has any news about Matthew.”

Sally shook her head. “Your brother has gotten his friends to ask around in Melbourne but is still clueless about where Matthew is. We suspect that it has to do with Catherine because she was the one who persuaded Matthew to head to Melbourne.

Only Catherine would know his whereabouts.”

“Isn’t Titus bothered about it?” Sheryl could not believe it, given that Matthew was Titus’s biological son.

“He doesn’t even buy it. He thinks of Catherine as a kind woman,” Sally sighed. “Gosh. Why did I give birth to such a woman? I should’ve strangled her the moment she was born. You don’t know how she used to deny her connections with Jeffery and me. At the onset of Hill Corporation’s shares to be transferred to us after Rebecca passed, she started approaching us and called us Dad and Mom. It really filled us with disgust.”

“That’s quite disgusting.” Sheryl’s eyes gleamed with rage. She felt the need to kill Catherine.

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