Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1712

Sheryl was set on putting Catherine through absolute hell.

The Hill family’s manor.

Just as Catherine was about to go to bed after bathing the two kids, her phone rang.

She walked to the balcony with her phone. “Uncle Titus, you’re calling me at such a late hour. What’s the matter?”

“Sheryl has escaped, ” Titus’s hoarse voice was heard. “The first place she went to was the funeral parlor. Sally tried to tear us apart by telling her that I killed Rebecca. She even said I locked Sheryl up previously to drive her mad on purpose, instead of treating her illness, but for the purpose of…”

“You don’t have to explain further. I understand everything.” Catherine’s expression was somber. It was most likely that Sheryl thought she was having an affair with Titus.

“Don’t get me wrong. She’s not herself. It’s because of the drug…”

Catherine forced a smile. Titus was even speaking up for Sheryl at this point. “Uncle Titus, I don’t mind as I haven’t really spent time with her. It’s up to her to behave however she wants. As for you, you need to get over it, given that you’ve been her husband for many years.”

Her words warmed Titus’s heart, and he let out a long sigh. “I never thought our relationship would end up here after her visit to Australia. Now, she totally believes everything Jeffery and Sally said. Besides, she’ll probably turn against us at all costs. I’m worried Hill Corporation will…”

Catherine rubbed her temples. “ Is there really no other way?”

“Sheryl must have contacted the people in Soromon Island. If I lock her up to treat her illness at this point, the Soromon Islanders will definitely get even with the Costners. My status and background are pretty much the same as Sheryl’s. If we have a falling-out, the consequences would be unimaginable, ” Titus said, feeling powerless.

“ So all we can do is… Leave her alone?” Catherine added, “If she’s not cured, the effects of her condition must be far-reaching…”

“ Sheryl can sense that something isn’t right with her body, but I guess she must’ve assumed it was caused by the shot I gave her in the hospital. When she returns to Soromon Island, I’m sure she’ll hire a professional medical team to treat her illness. She can be cured for sure, but now isn’t the time.”

Titus paused for a moment before he added dejectedly, “Even if she’s fully recovered and regained her composure, it’s a fact that I took the initiative to lock her up. Also, for the fact that Rebecca isn’t her daughter has been exposed, she’ll probably still assume that we want to hurt her.”

Catherine was startled. It was her first time hearing Titus speak in such despondence.

It seemed that Sheryl had made some hurtful remarks.

“Uncle Titus, at the end of the day, we don’t have any evidence. She won’t believe in whatever we say. Even if I take a DNA test, she’ll think that we fake the result. Perhaps the only person she’ll somewhat trust is her son. It’d be great if we could save Mathew. But after a long investigation, we still don’ t know Matthew’s whereabouts, ” Catherine huffed.

When their conversation ended, Catherine went to look for Shaun in the bedroom next door.

When she opened the door, she noticed Shaun was shirtless with his key parts wrapped in a towel. The water droplets on his honey-colored chest trickled down his pees until they disappeared in his thin towel…

The sight of him left Catherine’s eyes burning.

Although she had seen and touched every part of his, she could not help but tingle with a strange feeling when she looked at this familiar body.

“Are you bathing?”

At the sight of her flushed face, Shaun could not resist making fun of her. Since she had seen his body before, why was she blushing?

Furthermore, she looked so cute when she was blushing. It gave him an overwhelming urge to pull her into his arms and kiss her however he wished.

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