Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1713

Nevertheless, he held back at the thought that he was still not powerful enough.

“Mm.” Shaun asked with a deep voice, “What’s the matter?”

What did that mean? Could she not casually look for him?

When Catherine observed his expression carefully, she noticed his deep -set eyes were infinitely dark. She could already sense his increasing indifference after two days.

This realization ached her heart. All of a sudden, it dawned on her that she preferred the previous Shaun who was silly compared to the current version of him.

However, since she had made it clear, it would be pointless to dwell on it.

“Uncle Titus gave me a call and told me Sheryl had escaped.”

Catherine told Shaun their analysis on the issue. “If Sheryl withdraws the charge, things will be troublesome when Rebecca’s shares go to Jeffery or herself.”

“I know.”

Shaun nodded, his handsome, calm face was giving nothing away. “It’s late. You should sleep early with Lucas and Suzie.”

Was he tacitly kicking her out again?

Catherine was inexplicably sulky. “You might not know how serious this issue is. You’ll be brought down again regardless of whether Jeffery or Sheryl obtains the shares…”

“Hill Corporation has nothing to do with you.” At the sight of her worried expression, Shaun could not help but interrupt her. “You don’t have to worry so much.”

Dumbfounded, Catherine felt as if her chest was punched. She was so furious that she said reluctantly, “Do you think I want to worry about it? I couldn’t help but feel that you offended Rebecca and Sheryl all because of me. I think I’m responsible for it…”

“You’re not responsible for it. With Hill Corporation’s might, even if Rebecca and Wesley hadn’t been eyeing it, other people would’ve done the same. Hostile takeovers are commonplace in all parts of the world. Since I failed to secure Hill Corporation earlier, it means that I wasn’t capable enough and that the Hills weren’t united.”

Shaun’s brows furrowed. “As a business powerhouse, I should be mighty enough to go through all the ups and downs. If I lose, it just shows that I’m incapable. Even if I don’t lose Wesley today, I would’ve lost to someone else the next day. You don’t have to feel guilty, nor take the responsibility for Hill Corporation and the Hill family.”

For a long while, Catherine was silent. His words left her speechless.

In fact, what Shaun said made sense. Given his head

injury and lack of experience, how could he possibly deal with the lunatic Sheryl and Wesley?


She finally said something.

“Cathy, you’re exhausted because you always take responsibility for everything. I asked you to be my

girlfriend back then, but I’m not planning on marrying you. You need to be selfish, ” Shaun said all of a sudden.

Catherine was stunned. After a while, she chuckled. “I got it. I won’t be a busybody anymore.”

Shaun frowned. He did not mean to blame her for being a busybody. Rather, he did not want her to exhaust herself. “Cathy, you should learn to trust me.”

“Mm. I’ll try.”

Catherine nodded perfunctorily.

She turned around and walked back to her room.

She wished she could trust him too but after all, he had just stepped into the business world. Besides, the professor had still been giving him business lessons these few days.

Regardless of his capability, how would he be able to solve the crisis this time?

Fine. She did not want to poke her nose into his business anymore.

He was right. After all, Hill Corporation was not her company.

What did it have to do with her?

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