Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1714

As he watched Catherine leave, Shaun furrowed his brows sympathetically.

He was aware that his remarks might have sounded nasty, which had slightly hurt her, but he had no right to talk about relationships until the issue with Hill Corporation was solved.

He made a call when entered his room, “Elle, when are you coming back?”

“Tomorrow morning, Young Master Hill. It’s starting to take shape.”


The next day. In the evening.

After a long day, Sonya returned to her high-end duplex apartment feeling weary.

As the apartment was situated downtown, every inch of land was worth a fortune. A lot of people greatly admired the bustle of the city.

However, no one knew the pain she was suffering deep down. When she returned to the apartment, she was engulfed in aloneness.

When she switched on the lights today, she caught sight of a tall figure seated in the living room. She screamed in fear.

“Calm down, Mrs. Lyons.”

The man sounded hoarse and cool as if he was the owner of this place. He exuded a sense of nobility and authority.

Sonya took a deep breath before she went completely silent.

She stared at the man in front, who was wearing a black T-shirt and a pair of long black pants. His broad shoulders and long legs made up his perfect body. With his strikingly handsome face, she would never ever forget it.

Shaun Hill!

The person who used to be the most respectable and successful man in Australia.

However, she heard he had become a fool. With his current demeanor… Was he a fool?

She somehow felt that he was scarier than before.

“You… Why are you in my apartment?” Sonya struggled to speak. “ I know you’re fighting with Wesley. Are you thinking of holding me hostage? Dream on. My brother is capable of anything to achieve his goals. Even if you were to kill me, he won’t give in.”

“It seems like you understand your brother very well. That’s good. ” Shaun’s thin lips curled into a smile. Then, he adjusted his posture to make himself comfortable.

Sonya was stunned. She shuddered and looked around to check if there was anyone else in her apartment so that she could flee.

“Don’t worry. I’m not planning on holding you hostage since you’re nothing to Wesley. Even if I kidnap his parents, he won’t bat an eyelash. After all, he could go as far as hurting his biological nephew.”

Shaun’s indifferent voice resembled a thorn that pricked Sonya’s chest.

Her eyes suddenly reddened.

“Don’t you wish to avenge your son?” Shaun looked at her.

“Of course, I do. But you don’t think about taking

advantage of me. Earlier, Catherine said Wesley was the one who caused Ethan’s death. Despite a long investigation into the matter, I still can’t find any evidence regarding that,” Sonya said furiously.

“What if I have evidence indicating his motive?”

After Shaun tossed his phone to her, Sonya saw a video in it. She tapped to play, and a woman appeared… It was Wesley’s secretary, Regina. Later, Catherine even exposed the video of Wesley and Regina messing around in the office.

When she played the video, Regina was seen speaking in fear, “ I… I’m not sure if Ethan’s death has to do with Wesley. All I know is that Ethan caught Wesley and me messing around in the office the other day. At that time, Wesley and Catherine had just gotten married. At the sight of the scene, Ethan had a row with Wesley before he left. But a few hours later, I heard he died in an accident.

Unexpectedly, it happened when he was on his way to Catherine’s office…”

Regina’s words sent a chill down Sonya’s spine. “This… This is impossible. ” Sonya shook her head. Her eyes were red with venomous hatred. “You coerced her into saying that, didn’t you?”

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