Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1715

“When their love affair was exposed, Wesley’s reputation was tarnished while Regina was sent overseas. Indeed, it took me quite an effort to hunt her down.”

Shaun gestured to Sonya with his chin. “Watch the next video.”

Trembling, Sonya scrolled the screen. It turned out to be a video featuring Regina again. “The car which Ethan drove during the accident was some high- end smart car invented by another country. Wesley seemed to be acquainted with a top executive of the car company. I even accompanied Wesley and the top executive for a meal in the States the year before last. I have… Their photo here. They were having karaoke at a clubhouse at that time.”

Sonya tapped open the album. There was a photo of Wesley and a middle-aged male foreigner.

However, the lighting was poor as they were in a private room.

Sonya could recognize the foreigner at first sight. The police initially claimed Ethan’s accident was due to the autopilot malfunctioning in his car.

Later, the car company compensated her a considerable amount of money but money was what she needed the least.

Since then, she had been following the car company closely. It was through a car website that she came across the foreigner, who was said to be the global CEO of the car company.

Little did she expect that Wesley would know him before the incident.

Wesley, however, had never mentioned it to her. The thought of it sent chills down her spine.

Her own brother was too vicious.

“I believe I don’t have to explain further. You should’ve gotten the picture.”

Shaun lifted his leg and said coldly, “After discovering Wesley and Regina’s affair, Ethan wanted to inform Catherine that Wesley’s feelings for her were fake, but Wesley didn’t want Catherine to find out because she was useful to him. Hence, he orchestrated this accident.”

“Everyone assumed it was the car’s issue. Even the car company had admitted and compensated for it. But little did everyone know that Wesley had been

acquainted with the CEO of the car company before this. They’re probably involved in some secret dealing for personal gains. Your son… Died in vain.”

“ I want revenge. I want to avenge Ethan.” Sonya started weeping ferociously. “Send me these videos. I want to sue Wesley.”

“These videos aren’t enough to prove Wesley’s doing. If Regina appears in court, she might claim that I kidnapped, coerced, and lured her. As for the CEO, he’s not even an Australian. He’s quite powerful overseas, and he won’t even come to Australia. The photo won’t be of any help without any interrogation. In the end, the case might remain unsolved.”

Shaun raised his brows impassively. “Wesley did a wonderful job in killing Ethan. We hardly have any hold over him.”

“So what should I do?” At this moment, Sonya began to cool down. It occurred to her that there was no point in getting mad over her son’s death. “ Actually, what’s the purpose of me staying alive? I just want justice for my son. I just want the person who killed him to be punished. I’m ready to do anything for that.”

Shaun nodded. This was the moment he had been waiting for. “Wesley has kidnapped someone in

Melbourne, and I want to know what happened to him.”

He drew the photo from his pocket and handed it to Sonya.

“He’s Titus’s son. You might not know who Titus is, so let me put it this way, the Costner family is the wealthiest and most mysterious family in the

world. It’s easy for him to kill Wesley, but Wesley has kidnapped his son and is threatening him.”

Sonya was dumbfounded. She realized that she had a different understanding of Wesley time and again.

Was Wesley her biological brother? He was utterly terrifying and crazy.

“He’s crazy. He’s planning to destroy the Lyons family, huh?”

“You’re wrong. Wesley’s taking his life into his hands. If he succeeds, his global rank will improve so significantly that even the Australian prime minister has to obey him. But if he fails, the Lyons family will end up suffering horrible consequences. Of course, if you’re willing to help me, Titus will let you and your parents off.”

Shaun raised his brows and looked at her with a discreet smile. “Think about your son’s death.

When he was pulled from the crash, his appearance was beyond recognition…” ”Just drop it. I’ll help you. ”

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