Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1717

“That was quick.” Shaun’s lips curved into a restrained smile.

Hadley felt unsettled. “Given that Titus beat Wesley up in the meeting room the other day, I’m afraid Jeffery will drive a wedge between you and the others. What if he also gets someone in the meeting room to…”

“But I can’t absent myself just because of fear. Otherwise, what will everyone in the company think of me?”

Shaun got up, his tall and imposing physique exuding an authoritative presence.

Hadley followed him silently. Deep down, he became calm somehow.

Whenever Shaun behaved like this back then, Hadley knew that Shaun was confident with his plan.

Five minutes later, Shaun pushed open the door of the meeting room.

It was his first time meeting Sheryl, who was Catherine’s biological mother.

He had only heard about their personal vendetta from Hadley.

According to Hadley, this woman had been tricked by Rebecca and refused to acknowledge her biological daughter.

Dressed in a white outfit, Sheryl was sitting in the main seat today. Her features were rather similar to Catherine’s. However, her face was much thinner, and her eyes were so grim that she looked like she was surrounded by darkness.

Especially when Shaun entered the meeting room, Sheryl made no pretense of hiding the graveness and hatred in her eyes.

Shaun furrowed his brows. Although Sheryl was Catherine’s mother, he felt that Catherine was wonderful and pure, whereas Sheryl was the opposite extreme.

Wade and Jeffery sat on Sheryl’s left and right sides respectively. Even Sally was here.

“Chairman Hill, you’re finally here. We’ve waited for you for long. ” Wade sprang to his feet and said with a grin, “Well, let me introduce them to you.

This is Chairwoman Jones. She has been working on the petroleum business overseas, so her net worth is extraordinary. Mr. Jones is Chairwoman Jones’s brother, while Mrs. Lennon is her sister-in-law.

The purpose of this meeting is to distribute Rebecca’s shares after her passing.”

Shaun casually dragged a chair to sit on before he asked indifferently, “As far as I know, isn’t there’s conflict over the shares?”

Wade replied with a smile, “Titus previously wanted to sue us and recover his wife’s assets. But according to Chairwoman Jones, she has signed a prenuptial agreement with him. This means that President Costner has no right to ask for the money Chairwoman Jones offered to Rebecca. So, Chairwoman Jones went to court in person and dismissed the case. Although Rebecca acquired Hill Corporation using Chairwoman Jones’s money, Jeffery is Rebecca’s father. After some discussion on the distribution of the 70 percent of the shares Rebecca owns, 50 percent will be given to Jeffery and 20 percent to Sheryl.”

Shaun raised his brows in surprise. He glanced at Sheryl and noticed that she looked rather composed, seemingly satisfied with the decision.

However, Jeffery said bashfully, “Sherry, since you were the one who paid for the acquisition of the company, you should receive more shares. Yet, you’re giving me 5o percent of the shares. I… Sigh… Why don’t you take back some of it?”

“No need, Jeffery. After all, Australia isn’t my focus, so I won’t manage Hill Corporation much. What’s more, it hasn’t been easy for you to look after Rebecca and Mom over the years. This is a token of my appreciation.”

As Sheryl was speaking, she cast a look at Wade. “ From now on, you need to assist Jeffery, the chairman, to the best of your abilities.”

Wade widened his eyes. “Do you mean Jeffery will be the chairman?”

“Duh. ” Sheryl shot an indifferent look at Shaun. “ Considering that Jeffery and my shares add up to 70 percent, we have the right to appoint a new chairperson. Am I right, Chairman Hill?”

“Yes.” Shaun nodded with a smile.

Shaun seemed so obedient, without the slightest arrogance he had before. At that, Jeffery was very conceited, but he could not express it. Hence, he pretended to look guilty. “Sheryl, but I—”

“Don’t worry, Jeffery. I know quite a lot of people overseas. I’ll get some powerhouses to support Hill Corporation, ” Sheryl interrupted him.

Jeffery looked touched, but deep down, he was already walking on air.

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