Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1718

Wade said emotionally, “Well, let me congratulate you in advance, Chairman Jones. But there’s something…”

He held back and glanced at Shaun. “A few days ago, Chairman Hill said that I’m not eligible to be the general manager of the company due to the conflict over the shares. Catherine also said that I have poor management skills. Now that Young

Master Hill is the new president of the company, I At the mention of Catherine, Sheryl’s eyes were filled with resentment. She looked at Shaun resentfully as well. “What gives Catherine the right to be involved in our company’s affairs? Shaun, to put it bluntly, you’re incapable of managing Hill Corporation. If you were, you wouldn’t have failed to keep it. After the meeting, you can pack your things and go home. The company no longer needs the Hills’ involvement.”

“Sheryl… I don’t think this is good,” Jeffery promptly said.

“Jeffery, you’re too soft—hearted. Some people are ambitious even though Hill Corporation no longer belongs to them. By the way, I think it’s time to change Hill Corporation’s name. From now on, Hill Corporation will be renamed… Jere Corporation.”

Jere Corporation.

It was made up of the first two letters of Jeffery’s and Rebecca’s names. ‘

Jeffery’s and Sally’s eyes lit up.

Shaun fixed his eyes on Sheryl, his lips slowly curling into a sarcastic smile.

“What gives? Are you dissatisfied?” Sheryl looked at him coldly.

Shaun chuckled. “I just don’t understand how some people can do big businesses overseas with their brains full of crap?”

Sheryl’s face turned somber, and the bodyguards behind her roared, “How dare you insult our island owner.”

“Teach him a lesson.” Sheryl shot a look at the bodyguards behind her.

The eight bodyguards immediately walked up to Shaun.

Jeffery and the others just sat back and watched the scene.

Hadley panicked. “Young Master…”

“You guys want to fight, huh? There are so many people here. Please don’t blame me if I accidentally hurt anyone.” Grinning, Shaun rolled up his sleeves.

Sheryl snorted. “Break his leg.”

At first, she just watched on coldly. She wanted to teach Catherine a lesson, yet Catherine still had not shown up. She heard that Catherine had also deceived Shaun. Since Shaun was Catherine’s ex- husband, Sheryl would make a move against him first.

Nevertheless, Sheryl’s expression shifted after three minutes.

Shaun was such a sly person. Knowing that he could not deal with the eight bodyguards, he had taken Jeffery and Sally as his shields, which made the bodyguards hesitate before attacking him.

“Three of you, protect my brother and sister-in- law.” Sheryl changed her plan.

Without the three bodyguards, however, the five bodyguards were no match for Shaun. Soon, he broke all of their legs.

“Oh no. I’m sorry. You guys were too brutal, so I had no choice but to counterattack.” Shaun smiled a s he stepped on a bodyguard’s face.

Seeing his arrogant behavior, Sheryl was so exasperated that she slapped the table and leaped to her feet. She picked up a cup and hurled it at Shaun before instructing the three remaining bodyguards, “You guys have to beat him to death. ”

The three bodyguards were in agony. The five bodyguards could not even defeat Shaun, let alone the three of them.

Considering that Sheryl had lost her temper, the three of them bit the bullet and made a move against Shaun. In the end, they were beaten up horrifically.

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