Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1720

“Hah. Sure enough, you’ve changed. You were so offhand with me back then,” Hannah said on purpose.

“Back then, I was… not smart indeed.” Shaun shot a neutral look at the dress in the display case. “If you like it, I can give it to you as a gift.”

“Aren’t you afraid that Catherine will find out?” Hannah’s red lips curled.

“Our relationship ended long ago. ” Shaun looked impassive.

“…Forget it. I don’t want the dress.” Hannah suddenly raised her brows and said pensively, “I was interested in the dress, but it hit me that it wouldn’t suit me.”

“Alright, then. I won’t bother you further, Miss Mead.” Shaun immediately turned around.

At the sight of his tall and noble figure, Hannah gritted her teeth with discontent. “Shaun, why bother? You were only in the company for three days, and you had been chased out. It did not take long for the news to spread throughout Canberra and make you the object of ridicule.”

“So…” Shaun turned sideways, but his handsome face remained indifferent.

“As long as you please me, no one will dare look down on you anymore. My dad is a minister, and he’s highly regarded by the prime minister. He is said to be high above the masses, ” Hannah said smugly.

“That’s interesting.” Shaun nodded and walked up to her. His mouth curved into a charming smile.

Hannah’s heart raced at the sight of him. He approached her until she stopped at the display case. Then, he pressed one hand against the case and gazed down at her with his dazzlingly handsome face.

“Tell me how I should please you.” Shaun pinched her chin gently.

As Hannah fixed her eyes on his dark eyes, her heart was thumping madly.

Who said he had become a fool? Could a fool be this charming?

It dawned on Hannah that this imposing man in front of her was head and shoulders above her pursuers.

“Well… Have a meal with me then…” “…Sure.”

Shaun’s thin lips quivered, and a dull gleam flashed across his eyes without her noticing it.

At the Hill family’s manor.

When Catherine drove into the manor, Aunty Yasmine walked out. “Miss Jones, you’re back from the Yule family’s house.”


Catherine glanced around the car park. When she was in the Yule family’s house, Freya told her on the phone that Shaun was chased out of Hill Corporation this morning and that Hill Corporation had been renamed Jere Corporation.

Shortly after, the news had spread like wildfire across Canberra.

She was hesitant for some time. However, she was worried that Shaun could not get over it, so she decided to come over.

“Young Master Hill has gone to the office. ” Aware of her intention, Aunty Yasmine said, “He’s been

busy recently. He only came back at 10 p.m. last night.”

Catherine frowned. Shaun asked her not to be bothered with matters related to Hill Corporation, but she did not have the faintest idea of what he had been busy with.

Nevertheless, Shaun may no longer need to go to work from today onward.

“Aunty Yasmine, please prepare more of his favorite dishes later.” After a moment’s hesitation, Catherine said with a deep voice.

“Look, Miss Jones. You’re still concerned about Young Master Hill. I really don’t understand what’s going on between both of you young people. The two of you were so close with each other a few days ago, yet now… Alas, forget it. I’m going to start cooking.”

Aunty Yasmine wanted to poke fun at Catherine at first. Upon noticing Catherine’s embarrassed expression, Aunty Yasmine bit her tongue and went to cook instead.

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