Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1721

Aunty Yasmine had prepared many dishes by noon, yet Shaun did not return.

“ Is Young Master… not planning to come back for lunch?” Aunty Yasmine stole a glance at Catherine.

Catherine turned her eyes to Lea. “Aunty Lea, since something so serious happened in the company today, would Shaun take it too hard…”

“Let me call him.” Worried, Lea took out her phone to call Shaun.

Shortly after, Shaun’s deep voice sounded. “Mom, what’s the matter?”

“Shaun, I’ve heard what happened in the company. Where have you been after you left the office this morning? Aren’t you coming home for lunch?” Lea said softly, “Don’t stress yourself out. Your grandpa, granny, I have gotten over it. We can sit pretty even without Hill Corporation.”

“Mom, you’re overthinking it. Since I’ve lost my memory, I don’t feel very strongly about Hill Corporation. I’ve failed despite having done my best, but there’s nothing else I can do. Don’t think too much. I’m just having lunch outside with a friend.”

Shaun’s relaxed voice made Lea heave a sigh of relief. As she was about to speak, a woman’s tender voice suddenly sounded from the other end of the phone. “Young Master Hill, try this dish. It’s delicious.”

Lea’s expression froze.

“Mom, I’m still having lunch. I’m going to hang up now.”

After the call ended, Lea looked at Catherine opposite her and instantly felt awkward.

She never thought that Shaun would have lunch with another woman at noon.

Did he not know that Catherine would be concerned about him?

Even so… What if he knew it? Having forgotten most of his past, Shaun was just like a growing kid.

Perhaps he no longer had any feelings for Catherine. He may have been reliant on her before this because she was good-looking. Similar to a newborn, it was normal for him to rely on the person he first saw. As he gradually grew up, he

would learn more things and stop clinging to Catherine like how he did earlier.

Nevertheless, as a woman and mother herself, she felt that Shaun was too cruel to Catherine.

“Aunty Lea, what did he say?” Catherine’s pure eyes were fixed on her.

Deep down, Lea was gripped by guilt. “He said he’s having lunch outside with a friend. Don’t worry, he’s fine. He said he doesn’t feel very strongly about Hill Corporation. Furthermore, he has tried his best, so he’s not too upset.”

After that, she let out a sigh.

Catherine thought that Lea felt sorry about what happened to Hill Corporation, so she said softly, “ Aunty Lea, there’s a great saying that goes, ‘while there’s life, there’s hope.’ Shaun is a talented businessman. He can rebuild another company like Hill Corporation in the future.”

“Mm. Let’s eat.”

Lea nodded absent-mindedly.

She had no idea who the woman was.

She felt the need to chide Shaun when he returned.

Catherine, who somehow found Lea odd, finished her meal inattentively. When it was time for dinner, Shaun had still yet to return. At 10:00 p.m., the kids had fallen asleep, and that was when she heard the sound of the car engine from outside.

Standing at the balcony, she saw the well-dressed Shaun getting out of the sports car.

As if he had noticed her presence, he lifted his head and darted a glance at her. Then, he nodded indifferently before entering the house and then his room.

Catherine pursed her lips. Apparently, she had worried about him for nothing.

During breakfast the next day, Shaun came downstairs in a gray shirt and a pair of black pants. With the attire matching his cool presence, he gave off a sense of masculine and mature attractiveness.

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