Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1723

When Shaun came out of the preschool after sending the kids there, he received a call from Hannah.

At the sight of the incoming call on his phone, his gaze was indifferent. Nevertheless, he still pressed the answer button calmly in the end.

In the evening.

After dinner, Catherine felt idle all of a sudden.

When she had to look after the kids, manage Hudson Corporation, and spend time dating back then, it always felt like she was running out of time. Now that the kids had gone to preschool and she did not need to go to work nor on a date, she appeared to have plenty of spare time.

Just as she was hesitating whether to ask Freya out for shopping, Freya gave her a call. “Cathy, where are you?”

“In the manor.”

“Where’s Shaun?” Freya hurriedly asked.

“He has gone out this morning. He probably has something to deal with. ” Catherine casually picked up a pear from the table and took a bite of it.

“Bullsh*t.” Freya raged. “Do you know why he went out?”

Speechless, Catherine frowned without saying a word.

“He’s playing golf with Hannah, that b*tch. When I attended a banquet earlier, I met a few young ladies and even joined their group chat. I saw them chatting away in the group today. Someone even took a photo of Hannah and Shaun at the golf course. I’m going to send it to you.”

As Freya was speaking, she sent Catherine the photo.

Upon hearing a ‘ding’ from her phone, Catherine clicked open the photo to take a look.

Dressed in a white sports skirt, Hannah looked graceful and sexy. She was holding a golf club in her hand while Shaun was standing behind with his hands on hers. Their intimate posture made him look like he was hugging her from behind.

One was young and petite, whereas the other was tall and handsome. With the sunlight shining on their hair, they looked like a romantic couple.

Catherine continued to rest her eyes on the photo. Looking at Shaun’s exquisite side profile, she felt as if her heart had been bitten by an insect, which left her in pain and breathless.

Freya was still infuriated. “What the f*ck. I’ve never seen such an ungrateful wretch. Has he forgotten that you were the one who looked after him tirelessly when he was a fool? You’re his girlfriend. You’ve even given birth to his children. You’ve worked so hard assisting the Hills, yet he has gone to hit on another woman just because he lost his memory. What’s worse, the person he is hitting on is the shameless Hannah.”

“Freya, I’ve made it clear to him.”

With a lump in her throat, Catherine said, “He has the right to be with another woman. Losing his memory has made him a blank slate, so it’s normal for him to fall for someone else again. I can’t forcibly keep him by my side because of what happened in the past. He doesn’t remember loving me.”

“Normal, my *ss.”

Freya could not help but insult. “Do you know what they’ve been talking about in the group chat? Someone spotted Shaun and Hannah having lunch together in a mall yesterday, and Shaun was the one who sent her home at night. Now that Hill Corporation has changed hands and Shaun has been driven out of the company, all the wealthy people in Canberra are saying that he’s trying to fawn on Hannah so that he can soon become Minister Mead’s son-in-law. A lot of people are making fun and looking down on him.”

“It just baffles me why he’s behaving like this. Hannah isn’t a good woman either. What’s more, Hill Corporation’s current state has to do with Minister Mead. In this case, the Mead family should be the Hills’ enemy. Has Shaun no integrity? How has he become like this?”

Catherine remained quiet. Her mind was a mess.

She had long since foreseen that Shaun would interact with other women, but she did not expect it to happen so soon. More surprisingly, the woman was Hannah.

However, Catherine believed that Shaun did not get close to Hannah purely because he was attracted to her.

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