Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1724

Shaun probably had an ulterior motive.

Freya continued, “Let me tell you that Minister Mead is a schemer. He doesn’t even care about Shaun. At most, Hannah is just fooling Shaun, but don’t you tell him about it. Leave him to the woman. It serves him right.”

“Oh, by the way, as your friend, I sincerely advise you to move out of the Hill family’s manor. With Shaun’s current antics, other people will laugh at you if you continue staying there.”

Freya was very indignant at the unfair treatment Catherine received.

“Mm. Thank you for reminding me, Freya. I was originally hesitant about moving back to the Yules’ house,” Catherine said with a deep voice, “but it seems that there’s no need to hesitate further.”

“Cathy, you should treat yourself better. Besides, you’ve done more than enough for Shaun. You don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket.”

At this point, Freya wished she could get Catherine to distance herself from Shaun as soon as possible so that he would regret his actions.

“Yeah, I understand.”

After the call ended, Catherine snuggled on the couch for a while before she rose to her feet and packed her suitcase.

Soon after, she had packed a large suitcase.

When she carried it downstairs, Aunty Yasmine yelled at the sight of the scene, “Cathy, why are you carrying such a large suitcase? Are you planning to move out?”

Aunty Yasmine recalled that Catherine only carried a small suitcase when she left two days ago. To all appearances, Catherine was going to move out rather than going on an outing.

“Yeah, Aunty Yasmine. In fact, I have been contemplating moving out.” Catherine smiled at her. “I didn’t move out before this because Shaun’s condition was unstable. Now that he’s getting better and can start a new life, I’m planning on moving back into the Yules’ house.”

Her words sent Aunty Yasmine into a panic. “No way. What’s going to happen to Young Master Hill and the kids if you leave?”

“I’ve discussed this matter with the kids. They said they could stay with the Yules’ and the Hills’ for a few days each. With you and Aunty Lea here, I feel relieved.”

Catherine tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled. However, a sense of melancholy slowly surfaced in her eyes. “Aunty Yasmine, Shaun is now a growing child who’ll develop new relationships, so it’s inappropriate for me to stay here. As time passes, other people will gossip about me.”

Aunty Yasmine could not bear to part with her. “ Who will gossip about you? Everyone in the Hill family treats you like Young Madam Hill.”

“But I’m not. Shaun and I don’t have a romantic relationship with each other anymore. Aunty Yasmine, please tell Aunty Lea that I’m leaving.”

After that, Catherine lugged her suitcase out without looking back.

Anxious, Aunty Yasmine could not help but call Shaun. “Young Master Hill, Miss Jones has just moved out. She’s going to move back to the Yules’ house.”

Only after a moment of silence from the other end of the phone did Shaun respond indifferently. “I “Huh?” Aunty Yasmine froze as she did not expect Shaun to be so apathetic.

Before she could say anything else, Shaun had hung up the call.

She was dazed.

Could it be that Young Master Hill had no feelings for Miss Jones anymore?

When Catherine arrived at the gate of the Yule family’s villa with her suitcase, she happened to hear a smash from inside.

“How dare Shaun do this? He was the one who pursued my daughter shamelessly in the beginning, yet he decided to dump her now just because he has lost his memory. What does he take my daughter for?”

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