Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1725

Joel lost his temper in the villa. “As I said earlier, Catherine shouldn’t have gotten back together with Shaun. I’d rather she stayed single forever than be hurt by him time and time again.”

The housekeeper sighed. “Miss Jones is just a little unlucky when it comes to relationships.”

With a lump in her throat, Catherine knocked on the door.

When Joel caught sight of Catherine, his face stiffened for a moment before he walked up to her with a smile. “Cathy, you’re back. Why didn’t you let me know? Wow. You even carried your suitcase back. That’s great. I feel bored staying here alone anyway.”

He did not mention the matter between Shaun and Hannah at all, and it filled Catherine with warmth.

She knew Joel was worried that she would be embarrassed and upset.

“Dad, I heard everything you just said. In fact, I’ve made it clear to Shaun a few days ago, telling him

that he can try to be with another woman. He has forgotten me and might not be able to remember the past, so I shouldn’t force him to stay by my side for the sake of the kids.”

Pretending to appear nonchalant, she said, “What’s more… I don’t like the current Shaun.”

“Cathy, you…” Joel sighed.  “You’re  still speaking  up for him even at this point in time. I know you too well. Forget it, and drop the subject. It’s great that you’re back. If you continue staying in the Hills’ house, other people will gossip about you. After all, there are still other men in the world.”

“Thanks for being understanding, Dad.” Catherine grinned and hooked her arm through his.

Joel patted her on the back of her hand. “I noticed that you’ve been quite idle recently. Why don’t you come to my company and assist me? You’ll come to my inheritance ultimately anyway, and I’m already old. You need to help me out.”

Catherine frowned. “Dad, I can’t go to your office to help you at this time. Now that Rebecca is dead, Sheryl hates me to the core and will definitely do something to me. If I join your company, she’ll cause trouble for you, especially since you’re currently expanding your logistics business internationally. She’s so powerful overseas that she

can easily destroy your international business. Let’s forget it.”

“How did your mom end up in this state?”

A look of disappointment and distress washed over Joel’s face. “She can’t recognize her own daughter, and what’s worse, she’s assisting her enemy to act against you. Sigh. I shall meet her and have a talk with her.”

“Hah. She has been brainwashed by Jeffery and Sally. ” Catherine scoffed. “For your information, she has transferred over 5o percent of the shares to Jeffery and the woman who killed her mother.”

The mention of this issue made Catherine’s blood boil.

Jeffery and Sally had hurt Catherine and her grandmother so badly, yet Sheryl helped those people over and over again. At this point, Catherine really hated Sheryl to the core.

Upon noticing the hatred in the depths of her eyes, Joel’s heart clenched.

That was exactly why he was insistent on meeting Sheryl.

The next day.

Hill Corporation.

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