Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1726

Sheryl was in the company for inspection. Although it was called an inspection, she did not actually examine everything closely as her headache had worsened over the past few days.

Sally expressed her concern about Sheryl. “Sherry, are you feeling unwell again? How wicked of Titus to torture you like this. I think you should return to the island and get treated as soon as possible. You can come again once you’ve fully recovered. Your brother and Manager Middleton will look after the company.”

“I won’t leave until Matthew has been found and I take revenge on Rebecca’s behalf.”

Walking in a pair of high heels, Sheryl quickened her pace back to her office to rest. As soon as she started feeling better with her eyes closed, Jeffery walked in with an elegantly suited man. However, the man’s face was slightly scarred and pale. It appeared that he had just recovered from a serious illness.

“Hi, Chairwoman Jones. Your reputation precedes you,” Wesley greeted her courteously. “I’m Wesley Lyons from Golden Corporation.”

Sheryl rubbed her temples. The name rang a bell, but she could not recall it.

“He’s technically Catherine’s husband, but Catherine tortured him very badly. ” Jeffery gave a detailed introduction to Wesley. “Just like us, President Lyons came from Melbourne. He has been looking after us before this. He couldn’t endure Catherine’s behavior earlier, so he decided to join Hill Corporation with me to assist me in obtaining Rebecca’s shares. But he ended up being beaten so horrifically by Titus that he was admitted to the hospital for one week.”

Sheryl nodded. “I think you’ve mentioned it before.”

Jeffery sighed. “On top of that, Titus messed up all of Wesley’s overseas businesses as well, which has ruined Golden Corporation’s reputation. Now, none of the countries want to work with him. Sally, please help him…”

Sheryl fixed her eyes on Wesley thoughtfully. It seemed like Matthew had told her some things about Wesley, but she could not recall what exactly those were. If she was not mistaken, those things were nasty…

“Chairwoman Jones, forget it if you feel torn.” Wesley tugged on Jeffery and shook his head before saying to Sheryl, “ Sorry for bothering you today, Chairwoman Jones. I’ll take my leave.”

Once Wesley finished speaking, he turned around and left desolately.

Anxious, Jeffery walked up to Sheryl. “ Sherry, he’s very pitiful. While Catherine was in a relationship with him previously, she also flirted with Shaun. Wesley spent several years waiting for Catherine, and when he finally married her, Catherine slept with Shaun on their wedding day. Everyone knows about this. Later, Catherine destroyed Wesley’s reputation in order to divorce him. Considering that his company has eventually progressed a little…

Please help him. He’s an honest man. If Titus hadn’t oppressed him and forced him to divorce Catherine, his company wouldn’t have ended in this state.”

Upon hearing it, Sheryl scoffed. “Titus is hoping for Catherine to divorce this man so that he can marry her, huh? Since Titus wants to destroy him, I’m going to work against the former by helping the latter. I believe Titus won’t dare to bring a married woman into the Costner family.”

“Sally, does it mean that you’ve agreed to help him?” Jeffery looked surprised. “But Titus is wealthy and powerful. Will you be able to defeat him?”

“Jeffery, you’re belittling me.” Sheryl was provoked by his words. “My connections are comparable to his.”

After that, she said to her assistant, “Go and investigate Golden Corporation’s condition. Then, inform other countries that if they refuse to work with Golden Corporation, it means that they’re against Soromon Island.”

“…Alright.” Her assistant nodded with mixed feelings.

Jeffery’s heart was full of joy. After walking out, he headed downstairs to meet Wesley secretly. “Sheryl has agreed to help you.”

“Thanks, Uncle Jeffery. ” Wesley was in raptures, but he hid it very well. “Let’s work together, and we’ll both occupy the Australian business industry in the future.”

“Haha. Wesley, you’re welcome.” At the thought of Wesley’s scheme, Jeffery shuddered deep down. “ Anyway, I know nothing. I’m counting on you to manage Hill Corporation in the future. As for me, I’ll just get some bonuses and boss people around.”

”No problem at all. With my presence, you can do whatever you want in Australia, Uncle Jeffery. ”

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