Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1727

After Wesley said pensively, he began to laugh smugly with Jeffery.

After all, he had waited for this day to come for a very long time now.


Just as Sheryl was about to leave, her secretary came in and said, “Chairwoman  Jones, the chairman of Joule Corporation, Joel Yule, would like to meet you.”

“Joel Yule?” After some careful thought, it struck Sheryl that he was the man who abandoned her over 20 years ago.

She had never thought of looking for him, but he came looking for her. “Let him in.”

Five minutes later, a middle-aged man dressed in a black suit walked in. He looked like he was in his 40s, but he kept in good shape. Although he was not as tall and sturdy as Titus and had a rather thin physique, he had a high nose bridge and prominent

features. He still looked elegant despite the creases below his mature eyes.

A hint of hatred subconsciously flashed across Sheryl’s face.

This foolish man, who failed to recognize his biological daughter, even treated Catherine as his daughter.

Unlike Sheryl, Joel was emotional and in a daze when he saw her.

He recalled her looking pretty when he saw her not long ago. However, it had only been less than a month, and she appeared a lot paler and thinner than before.


“Shut up. You have no right to address me this way, ” Sheryl interrupted him with a dominating presence.

“I’m sorry.”

Despondent, Joel promptly dropped his head and apologized. “M-Madam Costner…”

“You’re not allowed to call me that either. ” Sheryl grabbed a cup and hurled it a1727t the floor in front of him.

The word ‘Costner’ agonized her.

Joel took two steps backward. He was stunned at the sight of her ferocious, pretty face.

He could not believe that the agitated woman in front of him was his unforgettable first love.

“Well… C-Chairwoman Jones.” Joel said with difficulty, “Let’s… calm down, okay? I came here to discuss our daughter’s matter.”

“I’m sorry, but Rebecca is my only daughter.”

Sheryl glowered at him resentfully. “Why did I fall for such a dumb*ss like you who can’t even recognize your own daughter? Catherine isn’t your daughter. You treat the person who murdered our daughter as your darling. Are you senile? Wait, you’re not only senile but also scummy. You fooled around with other women and never fulfilled your duty as a father. If you had been responsible, Rebecca wouldn’t have been kidnapped and tortured.”

Joel gaped at her. “No, no. You’re the one who is mistaken. Catherine really is our biological daughter. Look how alike both of you are. What’s more, when I acknowledged her and asked her to return to the Yules’ house, I did a DNA test with her.”

“I’ve also done a DNA test proving that Rebecca is m y daughter.” Sheryl leaped to her feet. “All of you are trying to make me acknowledge Catherine as my daughter. Well, you can dream on. I won’t be so foolish as to mistake her for my daughter. Also, she killed Rebecca, and I’ll take revenge on her. I swear that I must kill Catherine.

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