Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1728

Sheryl’s eyes filled with intense hatred.

Joel was taken aback by how stubborn Sheryl was to behave so neurotically in front of him.

He was really worried that Sheryl and Catherine would kill each other one day.

“Chairwoman Jones, these are… Catherine’s hairs.”

Joel placed the few hairs on her desk. “ If you don’t believe me, you can send these hairs back to Soromon Island for DNA testing. They’re your trusted people, and they won’t be able to fake the result. As for Rebecca and your DNA test, may I know if you did it yourself?”

“My son personally did it. Are you saying that even my son can’t be trusted?” Sheryl did not believe Joel at all.

“Chairwoman Jones, perhaps the hair was real, but have you ever thought that it might not belong to Rebecca? Did you watch her pluck it from her head with your own eyes?”

“Zip it. Rebecca is already dead, yet you guys continue to slander her.” Sheryl could not help but slam her hands on the table and stood up.

Joel said impatiently, “Chairwoman Jones, I want to have a clear idea who my biological daughter actually is as well. You said your result shows that Rebecca is the one, but mine proves that it’s Catherine instead. In fact, we share the same goal, which is to find the daughter whom we lost back then. If Catherine is the one who faked it, I’ll personally deal with her before you do. Since Rebecca has been cremated, I can’t possibly get her hair. I personally plucked these hairs from Catherine’s head, and it’s pointless for me to  lie. Both of us simply want the truth.”

After pausing for a moment, Joel noticed the frown on Sheryl’s face. She seemed to be pondering over it. With that, he quickly added in a deep voice,“ Perhaps you’re suspecting that  your  husband, Titus, has feelings for Catherine because she looks like you when you were younger. You might reckon that Titus has an ulterior motive. Given that there’s no romance involved in my relationship with Catherine, I won’t make up something just to win your trust. There’s no point in doing it.”

Sheryl stared at him thoughtfully without saying a word.

Seeing her reaction, Joel said, “Chairwoman Jones, all you need to do is make a call to have these hairs sent over there. At the same time, you need to keep this a secret. Don’t let anyone else know about it aside from your bodyguards and yourself. No matter how far Catherine and Titus interfere, they can’t possibly have a hand in the affairs in your territory.

“To be honest, it’s impossible for two people to look so alike. Not only does Catherine look like you, but her eyes also take after mine. She also looks like my niece, Melanie.”

Once Joel finished speaking, he slid five photos out of his pocket. “Look at these five photos. This is Catherine, and this is my niece, Melanie. Another photo here is how Rebecca looked before she underwent plastic surgery. The other two are our photos when we were in a relationship. You can compare them. I just want to remind you that every child takes after their parents, and I won’ t go on anymore. I’m leaving now.”

With that, he turned around and closed the door before he left.

When Joel walked out the door, he darted a glance at Sheryl and sighed. He hoped that she had a sense of judgment. From his understanding of Sheryl, she probably would not let the drugs run her own life.

In the office, Sheryl subconsciously rested her eyes on those photos.

As much as she wanted to fling them away, she froze at the sight of both photos of Catherine and the younger Joel side by side.

Sheryl could see why Catherine took after her since she was her aunt.

However, Catherine’s eyes were indeed similar to Joel’s.

Sheryl picked up Melanie’s and Catherine’s photos, only to find the close resemblance between them even though she thought that they were not related by blood.

After that, she grabbed the photo of Rebecca before she underwent plastic surgery. Surprisingly, she could not see any resemblance between Rebecca and Joel at all. Rebecca was not similar to Melanie in appearance either.

Sheryl’s heart did a flip.

How could Catherine possibly resemble Joel and Melanie? It reminded her of Joel’s remark — every child takes after their parents.

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