Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1729

A thought popped up in Sheryl’s head. Just as she was about to grab hold of it, her head began to hurt terribly.

The photos in her hand fell onto the floor.

“Chairwoman Jones.” The assistant beside her was shocked. “Let me send you to the hospital, okay?”

“No need. Take me inside for a short rest. ” Sheryl waved her hand with a pale face.

The assistant promptly held her up and took her into the lounge. Sheryl lay on the bed with her eyes partly closed. “Send those few hairs back to Soromon Island, and get our doctor to conduct a DNA test.”

“Alright. ” The assistant nodded. As she had been following Sheryl for years, she was treated as the latter’s confidant.

After Jeffery saw Wesley off in the car park, he was ready to head upstairs when he suddenly spotted an elegant middle -aged man coming out of the office.

That face…

He had come across that face on TV before. The man was none other than Joel Yule.

Nevertheless, why was Joel here? Did he come to look for Sheryl?

Jeffery began to panic. Considering that Joel was Sheryl’s unforgettable first love, could she have remembered something at the sight of him?

After going upstairs, Jeffery swiftly called over Sheryl’s secretary from her office.

It was Wade who assigned this secretary to keep a watchful eye on Sheryl. However, she acted on Jeffery’s and Wesley’s instructions in secret.

“Let me ask you. Did Joel come to look for Sheryl just now?” Jeffery asked fiercely.

The secretary nodded. “They had a brief talk in the office. There were bodyguards outside the door, so I have no idea what they talked about. But once Joel left, Sheryl’s head hurt very badly. When I went into her office to fetch some warm water for her, I saw several photos on her desk.”

“What photos?” Jeffery asked fretfully.

“Sheryl’s assistant was there, so I dared not move too close. I only caught a glimpse of the photos. All I could recognize was a photo of a young girl who looked like Sheryl.”

Deep down, Jeffery shuddered. He quickly searched for Catherine’s photo on the Internet and showed it to the secretary. “Is she the one?”

“Yeah. It’s her.” The secretary nodded.

“Okay. You may go out.” Jeffery waved his hand. As soon as the secretary left, he called Wesley anxiously to inform him about it. “Well, what do you think Joel is planning to do by bringing those photos here? As soon as he left, Sheryl’s head began to hurt so bad that she had to rest. Do you think she’ll recall something? After all, Titus has had her treated for some time.”

“For now, I don’t think she will.”

Amid his thoughts, Wesley said, “Even so, I’m sure Joel has done something. How many photos did he bring here?”

“Yeah. The secretary only saw Catherine’s photo.”

A moment of silence befell over the other end of the phone before suddenly, Wesley laughed grimly, “I know whose photos Joel brought. It seems like he’s not senile after all. Catherine  bears a resemblance  to both Sheryl and Joel, and it’s normal for a

daughter to look like her parents. However, Rebecca doesn’t look like Joel at all. Even Catherine has a passing resemblance to Melanie.”

“ So… So what should we do?” Jeffery grew edgy. “ Sheryl won’t suspect us, right?”

“Now that she’s slow and her head has been aching badly, I reckon she won’t suspect us yet, but she’ll probably investigate it. You need to hurry up and coax Sheryl into settling the matter regarding Golden Corporation for me. After that, do away with her.”

It made Jeffery’s blood curdle. “Are you out of your mind? But she’s…”

“We can’t allow her to leave Australia. She and Titus happen to be cutting each other’s throats now, aren’t they? Let’s accuse Titus of killing her. If the Soromon Islanders were to take revenge, they’d do it to the Costner family. We can just reap the benefit from their fight by then. What’s more, Titus genuinely loves his wife. Sheryl’s death would mean that half of his life is gone, so there’s nothing to fear,” Wesley said in a light-hearted manner.

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