Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1730

As Jeffery listened to Wesley, he grew increasingly petrified.

Wesley was really terrifying. He was just like a devil.

Would Wesley kill him one day without him realizing it?

“What’s wrong? Are you scared?” Wesley began to laugh. “Uncle Jeffery, from the day I came looking for you in jail to have you acknowledge Catherine as your daughter in front of Sheryl, there is no turning back. Oh, by the way, since Sheryl might have begun suspecting you, I need to create some drama between Catherine and her. I can’t let them acknowledge each other so soon.”

“What are you trying to do again?” The words escaped Jeffery’s mouth.

“I want to fuel the hatred between them.”

Once Wesley finished speaking, he hung up the call. Jeffery shuddered.

Once the issue was over, he planned to take a few hundred billion dollars and leave Australia afterward. He did not mind giving up on Hill Corporation.

In the evening.

Catherine picked up the two kids from the preschool and went back to the Yule family’s villa.

When she was getting ready to cook soon after arriving home, she suddenly received a call from Joel’s assistant. “Miss Jones, a fire suddenly broke out in No. 36 port warehouse when Mr. Yule went there for an inspection. A cargo fell on his leg and injured him. He has been sent to the hospital.”

Catherine was shocked. “Why was there a fire outbreak in the warehouse?”

“The police said that one of the packages in the warehouse had alcohol in it. Because the warehouse has overstocked a lot of goods and the weather has been boiling hot. when the warehouse keeper smoked there, it…”

“I’ll come right away.”

Once Catherine hung up the call, the two kids stared at her nervously.

“Your grandpa is slightly injured. You both just wait at home. I can’t take care of you both now,” she said gently.

Just as Suzie was about to speak, Lucas pulled on her. “Listen to Mommy.  Don’t  cause  trouble  for her. Mommy has a lot of enemies out  there who want to hurt her. Do you want to be kidnapped again?”

Suzie pouted. “Why have we been getting into trouble lately? Is it because someone’s trying to hurt Grandpa?”

Catherine pursed her lips. She had her doubts, but she could not express them in front of the kids.

When she arrived at the hospital, Joel was receiving IV infusion on the bed with a cast on his leg. He did not look too well.

“Dad, is your leg seriously injured?” At the thought of his healthy look when he left this afternoon, her heart ached in spite of herself.

“Nothing much. It’s just a minor injury. The doctor said I can remove my cast in a month’s time.” A smug expression crossed Joel’s face.

However, Catherine was upset over his condition. “ Dad, why was there a package containing alcohol in

the warehouse? Could it be that someone wanted to hurt you on purpose? Also, what was wrong with the warehouse keeper? How dare he smoke in the warehouse. Given your strictness, why did you hire such a person?”

“I’m not very sure as well. ” Joel knitted his brows. “ I have specified the rule that smoking isn’t allowed in the warehouse before this. As for the alcohol in the package— ”

“Dad, I suspect that someone’s  trying to harm you,” Catherine interrupted him. “Otherwise, why would the fire break out just as you were there?

Perhaps the warehouse keeper has been bribed.”

After staying silent for a long while, Joel said, “ Considering how rapid our company has been developing recently, it’s normal for other people to be jealous.”

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