Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1731

“No, this is far from normal. You were fine previously, but why did this occur to you at this moment in time? Perhaps you were dragged into the mess because of me.” Catherine clenched her teeth and said resentfully, “ Sheryl has long since wanted to take revenge on me because of Rebecca’s passing. Since I haven’t really gone out, she has chosen to attack you.”

Joel’s assistant suddenly said, “That’s possible. Chairman Yule, didn’t you meet Sheryl this afternoon? Could it be—”

“Absolutely not,” Joel interrupted him as his elegant face went pale. “Sherry couldn’t possibly have done such a thing. What’s more—”

“Dad, she’s no longer the Sheryl you knew back then. She’s a wicked madwoman who can even kidnap Suzie, let alone you.”

Catherine broke in, saying furiously, “She doesn’t even remember who you are. Don’t expect her to consider her past relationship with you. I reckon she’s planning to take revenge on Titus as well.”

“Cathy, drop it. I don’t believe it. ” Joel shook his head. “Today, I went to look for her to tell her that you’re her daughter. I think she somewhat believed what I said.”

“You’re too naive. She’s just a lunatic who can’t even think straight. Yet, you thought you could persuade her.” Catherine thundered, “A madwoman like her should really go to hell.”

“Cathy… ” Joel warned her in exasperation, “You can’t say that. After all, she’s your mom.”

“ I don’t have such a wicked mom.” At the sight of his injured leg, Catherine’s eyes filled with hatred. “ She’s foolish and mean. She has been drugged, cheated, tricked, and can’t even tell what’s  right and wrong. You shouldn’t look for her anymore.

I’m not keen on being her daughter at all.”


Joel was so agitated that his leg kept aching. Knock, knock.

A series of knocks suddenly sounded on the door. They did not know when Shaun had come with some tonics and fruits in his hands.

When Catherine saw him, she was rather upset.

“Why are you here?” Joel asked with resentment.

“Uncle Joel, I heard you got slightly injured from an accident. I… came to visit you. ” This was the first time Shaun met Joel after he lost his memory. He could tell that Joel disliked him very much.

However, it was understandable considering those things he had done back then. No parents would like it.

“I don’t need you to visit me. Get out with your stuff.” The sight of Shaun made Joel fly into a fury.

Shaun stood still with his stiff, handsome face. “ Uncle Joel, these are high-quality tonics.”

Joel snorted and said, “We’re not short of money, and we can afford tonics. Eldest Young Master Hill, you’d better focus your effort on pleasing Minister Mead’s daughter. Perhaps you can soon become Minister Mead’s son-in-law and climb the social ladder.”

Shaun’s face darkened faintly. He subconsciously shifted his gaze to Catherine, only to see her nonchalant expression from her side profile, as though the situation had nothing to do with her.

A deep sense of agony welled up in his heart. Did she not care about him anymore?

“Please leave.”

Upon noticing that Shaun had gone silent, Catherine turned to look at him. “Since you’ve decided to be with Hannah, you should avoid causing her any misunderstanding. Hannah is petty. If she decides to deal with the Yules out of jealousy, we’re no match for the Mead family.”

She was right.

Sheryl already had wanted to take revenge on her. If Catherine offended the Mead family, there was no way she could beat them.

She had to take account of Joel’s and the kids’ safety. “Cathy, let’s go outside and have a quick word.” Shaun said in distress, “Once I’m done, I’ll leave.”

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