Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1734

Catherine lifted her head and saw Wesley’s smug expression. At this point, Wesley made no pretense of hiding his emotions.

“Cathy, how beautiful of you to look at me this way.” Wesley held her gaze. The glint of hatred in her once bright, large eyes gave him an indescribable sense of pleasure.

He stretched out his hand and slid it across her chin.

However, Catherine slapped his hand off disgustedly. “Stop touching me. You’re disgusting.”

“I’m disgusting?” Wesley chuckled coldly. “How great is Shaun? The high and mighty Eldest Young Master of the Hill family has been around Hannah like a dog every day. Does he think he can marry into the Mead family by playing up to Hannah?

Dream on. Gavin will never accept him. At most, he’ll just let Hannah sleep with Shaun. You’re lucky that you’re still my wife.”

“I don’t give a d*mn about it. I just want you to get a divorce with you.” Catherine said indifferently, “I advise you to get the divorce proceedings settled as

soon as possible. With your current status,

marriage can be used as your best bargaining chip. ”

“Haha. You’re wrong. With my current status, there’ll be countless wealthy ladies  trying to play up to me. I reckon Gavin wants to marry her

daughter off to me as well. Sadly, I’m not interested in her. I’ve married you, but I haven’t gotten to sleep with you. What a shame.”

Wesley sized her up avariciously.

As Catherine had been taking care of Joel in the hospital earlier, she was wearing a pair of plain jeans and a T-shirt. Even so, her outfit did not hide her attractive curves, and her beautiful but pale face evoked sympathy for herself.

“I’m sorry, but I’m worried that I’ll catch a disease.” A look of disgust washed over Catherine’s face.

Wesley’s eyes became frosty, and he sneered. “I don’t think you understand. At present, nobody in Australia can do anything to me, including Prime Minister Snow. I forgot to let you know that Titus’s earlier attempt to ruin Golden Corporation’s overseas businesses has been in vain. I asked your mom for a favor yesterday, and she has already helped me overcome the problem I encountered abroad. Right now, a lot of countries are willing to

work with me again. Really… I appreciate you for that.”

He moved closer to her ear again. “What a wonderful mom you have. She’s willing to help me with anything. That’s very sweet of her.”

Not only did he disgust her, but he also made her infuriated.

Every word of his resembled a needle that pricked her heart.

Unable to tolerate him further, she tried to slap him.

Nevertheless, Wesley seized her wrist and said with a smile, “Don’t be mad. You can’t be mad just because your mom didn’t help you. Sigh. Speaking of it, your mom is really vicious. She has always wanted to take revenge on Rebecca’s behalf, and I heard she currently hates you to the core. But if she kills you just like that, it’ll be too easy for you. She wants you to experience the torment of losing your loved ones.”

Catherine widened her eyes, which did not contain the slightest trace of warmth. In fact, they were trembling.

Wesley continued to whisper in her ear, “As far as I know, what happened yesterday was just a minor issue. How fortunate Joel was! Having said that, he might not be able to escape from your mom next time since she’s quite capable and well-connected.”

“You guys have been trying to tear us apart in front of her, haven’t you?”

Catherine’s dark eyes slowly turned dull, and they were filled with frustration and helplessness. “ Wesley, you’ve been making use of me to rise to the top. Honestly, if it weren’t  for me,  all you would have right now is just an ordinary transnational company. Do you think you could’ve been who you are today without me? Don’t tell me that you love me. This isn’t how you should love someone. You’ve had the intention to take advantage of me right from the beginning, but haven’t you taken full advantage of me by now? I beg you to let go of me. I’ll stay as far away as possible from you guys. As for the matter regarding Rebecca, I’ll never expose it.

This was her first time surrendering to Wesley.

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