Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1735

“You’re finally begging me.”

At the sight of how defeated Catherine looked, Wesley was so elated that words could not describe how smug he was. “But the way you’re begging me seems far too casual. Um, you should at  least  take off your clothes and wait for me in bed.”

He whispered in her ear, “Why don’t… you give it a try now? If I’m satisfied with the way you serve me, I might speak up for you in front of your mom.”

Catherine raised her head and almost threw up at the sight of his sleazy expression.

A moment later, she forcefully escaped his grip. “Do you think you deserve to sleep with me? Look at your disgusting face. You’re ugly and old.”

“Catherine Jones, do you have a death wish?” At that moment, Wesley’s good mood was ruined, and there was a look of exasperation in his eyes. “Do you know the consequences of offending me? Don’t expect Titus to save you. Although he’s on friendly terms with Prime Minister Snow, his men can’t enter Australia because I have Gavin backing me.

Currently, even Prime Minister Snow is too scared to offend Gavin. If you’re expecting Freya and Titus’s help, you can dream on. You’re all on your own right now.”

He approached her step by step with a grim smile. “ Don’t expect your family to take you abroad as well. All I need to do is pull some strings with Minister Mead and your family won’t be able to get the international travel formalities done overnight. I can simply drag it on for a month, but who knows what’s going to happen in the next one month?”

Catherine shuddered.

This man was like a devil. No, he was more vicious than a devil.

“I’ll wait for your call. I’ve never changed my number because of you.” Wesley snorted softly before he strode out.

Looking at Wesley’s figure, Catherine wished she could knock him over with a car.

Luckily, she did not drive today.

After leaving Hill Corporation, her heart felt heavy.

Having come this far, she felt nothing but exhaustion. She had an overwhelming urge to kill herself. However, what would happen to her kids and Joel, then?

She wandered along the road in a daze.

Not far away, a Bentley was driving toward her.

Hannah, who was in the car, happened to be gazing out of the window when she immediately spotted the abstracted Catherine outside.

She glanced sideways at Shaun, who was looking at his phone. Then, she quietly shot a look at the driver in front.

The driver deliberately turned the steering wheel to one side. Coincidentally, a puddle of water by the roadside splashed onto Catherine’s pants and shirt.

The driver suddenly slammed the brakes.

Shaun lifted his head, and Hannah said with a grin, “Did you get a fright? The driver was driving too fast just now, and I think a puddle of water at the roadside has hit someone. I’m going to apologize to that person.”

Shaun looked out of the window, only to catch sight of Catherine drenched to the skin. His eyes were riveted on her for a moment.

“Don’t you know how to drive?” Catherine lost her temper. When she looked up, she saw Hannah strutting out of the rear seat in a coat.

“Hey. Aren’t you Miss Jones? I’m sorry.” Hannah covered her nose, feigning disdain. “It smells so bad.”

Catherine’s face darkened. She instantly said, “If I had known earlier that I’d come across an ugly creature here, I wouldn’t have left my house.”

“Stop it. You’re just a little wet, aren’t you? I’ve come to apologize to you just because I’m well- mannered. In fact, I’d say you deserve this for walking so close to the puddle.” Hannah’s expression shifted. Then, she turned around and opened the rear door, where she said to the man inside in an aggrieved yet coquettish manner, “ Shaun, did you hear what she said? It’s humiliating. She must apologize to me today.”

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