Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1736

The car was silent for a moment before a tall and handsome figure stepped out.

Catherine looked up at the man standing beside Hannah. The dark blue shirt he wore was the same one she bought him a few days ago. Back then, she thought that it looked very nice. Looking at it again now, it brought out the man’s mature temperament when he wore it. However, Hannah was holding his arm now.

Even though he was just acting, Catherine felt that this scene was extremely sore to the eyes.

“Do you think I need to apologize to her as well?” She knew that she should not have asked, but she did it anyway.

Shaun looked down at her with bottomless eyes, remaining silent for a long time.

“Say something.” Hannah shook his arm. “Shaun, don’t forget that you’re pursuing me now. Don’t tell me you can’t let go of your ex-wife?”

“You’re overthinking it,” Shaun said faintly.

“Then make her apologize to me. How dare she call me an ugly creature? She’s just jealous that you’re with me.” Hannah snorted coldly. “If you don’t make her apologize, it means that you haven’t let g o of her at all.”

Catherine’s eyes flashed with disgust. “Enough, don’t force him. I’ll apologize to you. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have called you an ugly creature. I insulted all the ugly people in the world by saying that.”

Then, she turned around and left.

Hannah stomped her feet in fury. “Stop right there. Apologize again!”

Catherine ignored her. Her dismissive attitude completely angered Hannah. “Shaun, why didn’t you say anything? Who’s more important? Me or her?”

Shaun raised his brows indifferently. “What do you want me to say? You suddenly got the driver to drive the car over and deliberately splashed her with water. You just wanted to show off in front of

her and make me humiliate my ex-wife. Sorry, but if you want me to play the role of a man who throws rocks at others while they’re down, I can’t do it. ”

His unfathomable eyes seemed to see through everything and Hannah became a little annoyed. “ You just can’t bear to hurt her.”

“ If that’s what you think, then there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Shaun turned around and left.

Hannah was angry and wanted to let him leave, but when she saw his cold attitude and handsome back, she could not help but grab his arm. “Fine, I admit that I went too far just now. I was just jealous.”

“Good girl. Don’t be jealous.” Shaun pinched her chin gently, his low and soft voice melting Hannah’s heart.

This man was like poppies. Although she knew that he was poisonous, she could not help but indulge in him anyway.

Although she could not see it, coldness flashed in the depths of Shaun’s eyes.

At night, after driving Hannah back.

Shaun got into the car that Hadley drove over.

Hadley said in a low voice, “There’s been news about Sonya Lyons recently. These days, she has been keeping an eye on the executives who are close to Wesley. She found that one of them often goes to a karaoke bar in Melbourne. He went over this afternoon and brought another person with him. It seems to be the Lyons family’s doctor.”

“Karaoke bar?” Shaun raised his brows. “With a doctor?”

“Yes.” Hadley nodded. “Didn’t Wesley have Matthew’s finger cut off? He’s getting injured over and over again, so it’s normal to call a doctor in for treatment.”

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