Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1738

“President Yule, we had already spent some money and instructed the media. They promised us they won’t make a big deal out of this matter. However, the number one news station in the country broadcasted this matter last night. What should we do now?”

“Now that this has happened, we’ll just apologize to the public and then release the results of the police investigation.” Joel hung up the phone. His face was already pale, but now he looked even worse.

At the side, the assistant said, “President Yule, the police said that the warehouse manager was bribed. But until the mastermind is caught, it’s just the police’s words. Without any written proof, the public might not believe it. I think that there are powerful people behind the scenes deliberately suppressing our company.”

“Haha, you’re right.”

A man’s triumphant laugh came from outside as Wesley kicked the door open and walked in.

Catherine and Joel’s faces instantly darkened.

“What are you doing here? Get the hell out.” Catherine blocked his path.

“I’m here to see our dad, of course.” Wesley pushed up his glasses and grinned. “Dad, do you need my help? I know many people in the media. Yesterday, they came to my house to send me a lot of gifts. In fact, I just need to say a few words in order to solve this matter.”

Catherine snorted a laugh in anger. “My dad already suppressed this matter but it was you who made a big deal out of it.”

“That’s right.” Wesley looked at her approvingly and admitted it boldly. “As long as you obediently come back to my villa tonight, I can consider sparing Joule Corporation. This is a new company founded by your father and contains all his blood, sweat, and tears— ”

“Dream on!” Joel straightened up and interrupted him in anger.

If he had not broken his leg, he would have gotten up to hit Wesley. “Even if I lose everything today, I won’t let my daughter be with a despicable villain like you. You don’t even like her. You’re obviously doing this because she rejected you. You’re

unhappy about it, so you want to destroy her and torture her, asking her to live like a dog in order to satisfy your vanity. When people like you gain power, you’ll take revenge on everyone who had once humiliated you. To put it bluntly, you’re just a pervert.”

“How dare you scold me?!”

Wesley’s expression changed. He laughed as he stared at Joel’s legs. “Old man, it seems like you’re tired of living.”

He grabbed a chair and was about to throw it at Joel’s legs.

“Wesley Lyons, don’t you dare!” Catherine was one step faster and kicked him to the side.

Wesley took a few steps back as anger rushed straight to his brain. “How dare you kick me? Catherine, do you think you’re still the woman under Shaun’s protection? I’ll teach you a lesson today. Guards…”

At his exclaim, several tall bodyguards rushed in. “Trash this place…”

“This is the Jewell family’s hospital. It’s not a place where you can cause trouble as you like.”

At that moment, Chester calmly walked in while dressed in a white coat and with a stethoscope hanging around his neck. A thin and shallow smile hung on his face, but it only gave him a chilling look.

Wesley narrowed his eyes. Chester was close to Shaun and had once humiliated him as well, so he never liked him. “Chester Jewell, are you going against me because of these two people?”

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