Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1740

“Don’t worry. Since they’re Shaun’s children, I’ll think of a way,” Chester said grimly.

Joel was furious. “You’re Shaun’s friend so you’re willing to think of a way, but what about Shaun? He has completely abandoned his children at a time like this.”

Chester said, “Uncle Joel, don’t be angry. I’ve always felt that Shaun isn’t like other people. He should have his own plan.”

“He does have a plan. He’s smart, so he must have anticipated the Mead family’s thoughts before all of us. That’s why he went to please Hannah Mead.

With Hannah around, the Hill family will be safe.”

Joel sneered.

“Dad, don’t get angry. He lost his memory, so he naturally doesn’t have much affection for us. It’s normal for people to act in their own interest.” Although Catherine’s heart felt uncomfortable, she still forced a smile to comfort her father.

After Chester left, Catherine’s mood became worse.

If Chester had not appeared, she could not imagine how badly the situation earlier would have turned out.

She called Freya. “Freya, what are you doing?”

“I’m in the villa. Cathy, I’m sorry. I heard that your dad got into an accident but I can’t go over. The Snow family said… that I can’t go out for now, ” Freya said in a low voice.

“I know, I heard.” Catherine gripped the phone. “ The Snow family— ”

“Cathy, some things aren’t convenient to say on the phone.”

Freya interrupted her.

Catherine froze. Yes, the Snow family might be being monitored now and Freya’s phone might be bugged. “Okay. I haven’t seen you for a long time, so I’ll go see you later.”

She quickly drove to the villa where Freya lived.

When she got there, she saw that the place was heavily guarded.

She was extremely upset. Due to Shaun and Wesley, she forgot to care about her friend, Freya. When she entered the villa, Freya stood in the garden wearing loose lounge clothes. Her stomach was getting bigger and bigger. She should be giving birth soon.

“Where’s Rodney?”

“He went out for some matters. He’s been very busy lately.” Freya looked troubled. She did not gripe about Rodney like she did in the past.

“Freya…” Catherine held her hand and whispered, “ Did the Snow family realize that this place is no longer safe? They should send you abroad.”

“I can’t leave just because I want to. The immigration bureau is filled with the Mead family’s men, so I can’t leave.” Freya had a headache. “ Everyone else thinks that marrying into the Snow family is the same as becoming a person who can lord over others, but danger lurks on every side here.”

Catherine was shocked. “ How did Prime Minister Snow allow the Mead family to get this far?”

“It couldn’t be helped. The Snow and Mead family were close partners. After my godfather came to power, Minister Mead received a lot of credit and many old ministers shared good relationships with Minister Mead from the start. My godfather was wary of him long ago, but he couldn’t get rid of Minister Mead immediately after rising to power since it would chill people’s hearts. Hence, Minister Mead took advantage of that. Coupled with Wesley’s rapid rise, many people have switched sides to the Mead family.”

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