Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1745

The security guard’s expression changed, but before he could do anything, his vision went blurry and he felt a pain in the back of his head. He soon lost consciousness.

Before long, a group of youngsters dressed like punks walked over.

“Master Charlton, all the people inside have been taken care of,” a man with permed hair said with a grim tone. “We were fast enough, so we managed to knock them out before they could contact anyone.”

“Well done.”

Elle gave him an appreciative look. Who knew that an attendant in a karaoke bar would be so skilled? Fortunately, they were able to make the people inside lower their guard by disguising themselves as a group of punks.

“There’s definitely something wrong with this karaoke bar, but the place is too big. We need to find the secret passages or storage units before dawn. There might be enough time, so capture the manager on duty and interrogate him. No matter what method you use, get him to spill the truth.”


The Liona members swiftly dragged a manager into a room. Elle stood outside and listened to the miserable muffled sounds coming from inside.

Then, one of her men came out. “Master Charlton, he talked. There’s a secret passage in the warehouse downstairs.”

Elle immediately led the men to the warehouse. It was very messy there and the place was filled with all kinds of alcohol and snacks, as well as abandoned sofas, coffee tables, and the like. There was a thick layer of dust blanketing the place.

One of her subordinates sighed. “Thank God we interrogated him. No one would think it’s in a place like this.”

“Yes.” Elle had to admire Wesley’s caution. The place was too messy and seemed like no one would come here. However, there was actually a hidden passage here.

She found a dial inside the bottom drawer of a cabinet. After turning it, the cabinet moved to the side and revealed a very thick door.

She pushed it open, revealing a dark tunnel inside.

She used her phone’s flashlight and walked in. After about ten meters, a dim light finally appeared inside. She carefully walked in to see a square cage about ten square meters large. Inside the cage, there was a man who gave off a strong odor. Two of the man’s fingers had been chopped off, and there was also a long chain wrapped around his arms.

Those who did not know might think that he was a feral man.

Elle was stunned. Wesley was simply inhumane. Even Liona was not that cruel in the past. A normal person would go crazy if he were tortured like this.

She apprehensively used the light to shine on the man’s head. “Are you… Matthew Costner?”

The chain suddenly moved as the man strained to lift his head. Beneath his rough and messy hair, his blue eyes revealed a deep and refined light after a brief moment of cloudy confusion.

“Who are you?” he spoke weakly, straining to open his eyes and look at the woman in front of him. She was dressed in leather and had heavy makeup on. She had an afro as well.

He had been locked here for a long time, but this was the first time he saw a woman like that.

Elle sighed in relief. Fortunately, he had not gone crazy. It would be troublesome if he had. “My name is Elle Charlton. Eldest Young Master Hill sent me to save you.”

“Eldest Young Master Hill…”

Matthew’s deep blue eyes flashed with consternation and bitterness.

He had been living in hell these days. He thought the person who came to save him would be his father or mother, but he never thought it would be Shaun.

He had never liked Shaun much.

“You’re hurt badly. I’ll bring you away. ” Elle took out a steel wire and swiftly unlocked the locks on the cage and his hands.

“Beautiful lady, I didn’t expect that… you’d be a master lock picker too.” Matthew let out a low laugh.

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