Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1746

“How can you still laugh?” Elle was a little speechless. An ordinary person would have gone crazy.

“What should I do instead? Cry? Men… aren’t allowed to cry.” Matthew’s dry lips were pulled into a grin with much difficulty. Seeing him about to faint, Elle forcefully shook him.

“You can’t faint now. You have to go back to Canberra with me. Your mother is almost insane. She’s helping Wesley, Jeffery, and Jeffrey’s wife to g o against Miss Jones and Eldest Young Master Hill. Now, Wesley’s power is as strong as could be. He intends to make a move against Prime Minister Snow with Gavin Mead tonight. Once Prime Minister Snow becomes a puppet, he’ll definitely torture Miss Jones to death. She’s your sister.”

“W- What? ” Matthew could not keep up and was stunned when he heard her words. “My mom… Why did she…”

“Your mother has been brainwashed by Jeffery. You have to stop her. You’re our only hope now.”

Elle hurriedly had the others carry Matthew on a stretcher and put him in a private plane before dawn broke.

In Canberra.

In the presidential suite of a five-star hotel.

The waiter brought up plates of hearty breakfast. Sheryl sat in a chair and looked at the breakfast, but she had no appetite at all.

“Sherry, this is the birthday invitation sent over by Minister Mead. Today is his birthday. Do you want to go over for a while?” Jeffery put the invitation in front of her.

Sheryl glanced at it and said in annoyance, “He’s just a small minister. I’m not going.”

“You don’t know this but Minister Mead is quite powerful in Australia now. We have to go,” Jeffery said with a wry smile, “If the company wants to grow, we’ll need to have a good relationship with these people.”

“Then you go. I never had the intention of managing the company anyway.” Sheryl waved her hand. “Jeffery, go to the company. Don’t stay with me here.”

“I’m just worried that you won’t eat breakfast. Look at how thin you’ve gotten recently. I have to see you eat before I leave.”

Jeffery showed a look of concern.

Sheryl’s heart warmed slightly. When she thought of her son’s disappearance and her husband’s betrayal, the only people around her who seemed to care about her were her brother and sister-in-law.

She forced herself to eat a few bites before persuading Jeffery to leave.

When she was about to return to rest, the doorbell outside suddenly rang.

The assistant answered the door and said to Sheryl awkwardly, “President Jones, Mr. Costner is here.”

Sheryl’s expression changed and she stood up. However, she suddenly felt dizzy.

“Be careful, Sherry.” Titus hurriedly rushed forward to hold her but was stopped by the bodyguard.

“Titus Costner, how dare you appear in front of me?! ” Sheryl turned around and glared at him coldly after she regained her balance. “Actually, this is good. We can settle our accounts today. Since you’re here, don’t even think about going back intact.”

When Titus saw her looking at him with eyes full of hatred, he felt a pang of pain in his heart. “Sure, I’ll do whatever you want. Can you close the door first? I have something important to tell you. You wouldn’t want to argue and have the entire hotel know about it, right?”

Sheryl hesitated for a moment, and the attendant who followed Titus in suddenly closed the door of the suite.

Then, the attendant lifted the wig on his head, revealing a slim and miserable-looking face. “ Mom, it’s me…”


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