Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1747


Sheryl was shocked and rushed over. If she were not seeing it with her own eyes, she would not believe that her handsome son had really become like this. His face was sallow and bony. She quickly grabbed his arm, but he immediately trembled in pain.

“Matt, what happened to you?” Sheryl was overwhelmed. When she looked down, she saw that two fingers were missing from his hand. Her pupils shook violently as she almost went mad. “Where are your fingers? Who cut them off? Was it you, Titus?”

She pushed Titus in fury. Titus’ face showed disbelief.

Matthew hurriedly stopped Sheryl. “Mom, it wasn’t Dad. It was Wesley who captured me and cut off my fingers to threaten Dad.”

“Wesley?” Sheryl was stunned. Her head hurt so much that she did not dare to think too deeply. “ That’s impossible.”

“Why is it impossible? Wesley, Rebecca, Jeffery,

and Jeffery’s wife are all in it together. Do you know why your health is so bad? It’s because Rebecca drugged your food previously.” Titus could not hold back his low roar.

“Shut your mouth! That’s impossible.” Sheryl interrupted him hysterically with reddened eyes. “ I’m perfectly normal. It’s because you gave me drugs that I turned out like this.”

Titus was deeply dismayed. He felt a burst of powerlessness.

When Matthew saw Sheryl’s sharp and unreasonable expression. There were complicated emotions in his heart. He never expected that his family would end up like this during the time he was locked up.

“Mom, Dad’s telling the truth.”

He grabbed Sheryl’s arm. “I’m your son, your biological son. Don’t you believe me? Look at my fingers. They were chopped off by Wesley Lyons himself. I watched him chop them off with my own eyes. Do you know why he captured me? It’s because I suspected Rebecca, so I went to Melbourne and re-investigated her past. Over there, I discovered that we were all lied to.

“Yes, Rebecca was abducted back then but after she was brought back by the Jones family, Jeffery and his wife were very good to her and even drove Catherine out of the house. Rebecca also deliberately stole Catherine’s ex-boyfriend, Ethan Lowe. But after Ethan got struck by misfortune, Rebecca looked down on him and immediately kicked him away. Then, she found another young man from a wealthy family but when she dated him, she slept around with other men too. Her reputation in Melbourne’s upper class circle is terrible.

“Jefferey and his wife deserved to go to jail. They weren’t framed by Catherine at all. They really did kill Grandma, so they were arrested by the police.

“Mom, Rebecca isn’t your daughter. She’s Jeffery Jones and Sally Lennon’s daughter. Your daughter i s Catherine.

“When I was caught by Wesley, I heard it from him. He went to Neah Bay a few years ago and saw you. He started to suspect your identity when he saw that you looked so similar to Catherine. Then, he

secretly investigated you. He wanted to marry Catherine and then bring her to find you, her mother. That way, he could become your son-in- law.

“However, Catherine didn’t like him at all, so he simply tricked Catherine into marrying him and took advantage of the time they lived together after their wedding to take her hair and give it to Catherine’s sworn enemy, Rebecca. Rebecca took her hair and went to Neah Bay, where she deliberately dangled herself in front of me to catch my attention.”

Matthew fell into deep remorse and pain. “It’s all m y fault. Back then, when I let the attendant take Rebecca’s hair for the DNA test, Rebecca had put Catherine’s hair on her comb and her pillow. Hence, the DNA test showed that you’re her biological daughter.”

“No, that can’t be.”

Sheryl covered her head, almost going crazy.

Rebecca was not her daughter? Her daughter was Catherine?

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