Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1749

Wesley is a pervert. He’s a devil! He wants to be someone who can lord over others, so the nobler my status, the more satisfying it is for him when he tramples on me and humiliates me. He said that you’re all stupid idiots who are dancing in the palm of his hand. Sooner or later, he’ll become the

richest person in the world. He wants to make the Costner family and Soromon Island yield to his feet.”

Matthew’s body trembled unbearably.

Since he was a child, he had never suffered such humiliation.

If it were not for his strong endurance, he would not have lasted until now.

Sheryl’s pupils contracted sharply.

This was her son. Although she was strict with him when she was raising him, she would just hit the back of his hand at most whenever he was naughty.

However, he was actually hurt to this extent now. Sheryl almost lost her footing.

These years, she had been in a high position and thought that everything was in her hands.

She suddenly realized that she was a fool. She was so foolish that she could not even protect her own son and daughter. She even became an accomplice and hurt them so badly.

At that moment, rage filled Sheryl’s chest. She wanted nothing more than to kill Jeffery and Wesley.

“Sherry, call your subordinates.” Titus held her shoulders tightly. “But don’t startle the enemy. Wesley will make a move tonight, but if he knows that his business abroad has gone wrong, he’ll suspend his plan to escape. What the Snow family needs is evidence that the Mead and Lyons families intend to rebel.”

“Okay, I’ll make the call right away.” Rebecca trembled as she took out her phone and called her most loyal secretary abroad. “Contact the other countries and send word to cancel the cooperation with Golden Corporation. Do this in secret and don’t alert the enemy before tonight.”

After hanging up the phone, her mind was still blank.

After a long time, she looked at Titus in a dazed and confused manner. Her thin lips moved as she asked in a trembling voice, “ Is she… really my daughter?”

Titus nodded. “When you were in the hospital,  I took her child’s hair and your hair back to Neah Bay for a DNA test. You’re definitely the child’s grandmother, so Catherine is your daughter. When Joel Yule accepted her back into the Yule family,  they had also done a DNA test. Sherry, when I first saw her, it was like seeing you when you were younger. She’s related to you by blood, so how would I have inappropriate thoughts about her?

From start to finish, the woman I love has always been you.”

“That’s right, ” Matthew could not help but add, “ Don’t you know Dad’s feelings for you by now?  If you were gone, it’d be normal for him to find a substitute  who looks like you, but you’re still around, so how could he have fallen in love with someone else?”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. ” Sheryl burst into tears. “ I don’t know what happened to me. There were all sorts of hallucinations in my head. I thought that I’ve become old and you hated me. I thought you fell in love with a woman younger than me. I even hurt her. How is it possible that she would have such vile and disgusting thoughts? She’s my daughter! ”

After her heart-wrenching wail, her vision went black and she could not hold on any longer. She fainted.

“Mom…” Matthew got a fright.

Her assistant quickly said, “The madam has been having headaches recently. I wanted her to go to the hospital, but she refused.”

“Take her to the hospital. Matthew and I can’t reveal ourselves for the time being. There are Wesley’s people secretly watching outside. We can’t let him know that Sheryl already knows the truth.” Titus reluctantly pushed Sheryl into her assistant’s arms.

Several bodyguards immediately sent Sheryl to the hospital.

Matthew was anxious. “Dad, I’ll make Wesley suffer a fate worse than death. Mom used to be in

such good health but she was tortured to this state.”

“Yes.” The bottom of Titus’ eyes was filled with murderous hostility.

In the Yule family’s villa.

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