Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1752

Catherine’s throat was feeling tight. She looked down at Lucas. “Lucas, it’ll be dangerous tonight. Are you sure?”

“I’m not scared, Mommy. I don’t want to hide behind you all the time. It’ll make me look useless,” Lucas said seriously.

Catherine smiled bitterly. She really did not want the children to give themselves too much pressure, but Lucas was determined. She was helpless.

“Cathy, I promise you with my life. I’ll ensure Lucas ‘ safety.”

Shaun swore solemnly.

Catherine’s mind was in turmoil. “Will the Mead family agree if you only bring one of them?”

“Hannah hasn’t gotten me yet, so she’ll speak up for me.” A mocking smile appeared on Shaun’s face.

Catherine was slightly speechless.

However, when she looked at his handsome face, she could somewhat understand Hannah’s thoughts.

Shaun had rejected Hanah before, and she was unhappy that she could not obtain him. Moreover, Shaun really was the cream of the crop. After all, he was once the richest man in the country. Any woman would want to conquer him.

She stopped paying attention to him and lowered her head to hug Lucas. “Promise me this. No matter what happens, your safety is the most important.”

“Okay. Don’t worry, Mommy.”

Lucas kissed her and turned around to give Shaun a side glance. “Let’s go.”

Shaun did not move. He looked at Catherine a little unnaturally. “Cathy, do you have anything to say to me?”

“Like what?” Catherine’s face was indifferent as she pretended not to see the expectant light in his eyes.

Shaun, “…”

“Your safety is not that important to my mom.” Lucas stabbed him coolly.

Shaun gritted his teeth. Forget it. After he finished solving the matter at hand, he would pursue her again.

After they left, Catherine dialed Eliza’s phone number. “I’m sorry. I… can’t leave tonight…”

Even-ing, 6:3o p.m.

Outside the manor, there were rows of luxurious but low-key cars parked.

Shaun parked the car and opened the passenger door. Lucas jumped out from inside while dressed in a handsome little suit.

“Darling, you’re here.” Hannah walked over in a long blue dress, looking elegant and dignified.

When she saw Lucas, a dark glint of displeasure flashed in the depths of her eyes.

This was her first time seeing Shaun’s son. He looked so much like Catherine.

She was deeply revolted.

However, it did not matter. As long as she was around, this child’s life would not be easy in the future.

“Why did you only bring one? Aren’t they twins?” Hannah held Shaun’s arm and said unhappily, “I told my parents that you’ll bring a son and a daughter over.”

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