Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1754

Hannah glanced at the second floor and a complicated look flashed in her eyes.

“Okay.” Shaun pretended not to notice. After nodding, he bent down and said to Lucas, “I’ll get you something to eat.”

Lucas was not interested in the food but nodded obediently.

After eating some seafood, he could not help but think that it would be good if Suzie were here. That glutton would definitely love to be able to eat these things.

It seemed that he would have to bring some food back with him when things were over.

After he was full, Hannah said to Shaun, “There’s a small playground at the back where many of the guests’ children are playing. I’ll ask the waiter to bring him there and let him play.”

“It’s fine for him to stay by my side.” Shaun looked at Hannah with a deep gaze.

“We’ll be meeting my dad later. There’ll be many dignitaries and celebrities. It won’t be convenient to bring the child along. Let him go and play. Boys should experience more. My little nephews are also there, so don’t worry.”

Hannah finished with a smile and called a waiter over. “ Bring little Lucas to the playground at the back.”

Shaun’s eyes could not help but darken, but Lucas suddenly stood up. “I’ll go and play, then. It’s boring to stay here anyway.”

“… Take care. ” Shaun tightened his grip on the arm of the chair and stared closely at his young son.

“I know. You’re such a nag.” Lucas swaggered away.

“Your son is quite arrogant in front of you.” Hannah teased with a vague smile.

“He doesn’t think too highly of me.” Shaun rubbed his eyebrows and sighed softly.

After a while, Hannah got a call and said to Shaun, “ My dad is done. Let’s go up and meet him.”

Shaun nodded and followed her upstairs.

On the second floor of the large parlor, in addition to Gavin and his wife, a man in a black suit and wearing elegant glasses was sitting on the sofa. It was Wesley Lyons.

“Dad… Why is he here?” Hannah’s expression changed slightly after seeing Wesley.

“Wesley is your future fiancée. It’s normal for him to be here.” Gavin chuckled and lit a cigarette. He glanced at Wesley and said, “Right?”

Wesley smiled. “It’s my honor to marry Miss Mead.”

“Wesley, you’re too modest.” Madam Mead, wearing her glittering jewels, laughed. “With your status now, my daughter and you are a match made in heaven.”

“Mom, Dad, what are you talking about? He’s Catherine’s wife. They’re not divorced  yet.” Hannah stomped anxiously. She did not like Wesley at all. She admitted that the Mead family was where it was now because they had cooperated with Wesley, so she did not mind the Mead family having Wesley as a partner. However, she disapproved of Wesley being her significant other. This man was too sinister and dark. He was not a good choice for a spouse.

Furthermore, in terms of temperament and looks, Wesley could not compare to Shaun.

Gavin said, “He’ll divorce her. Catherine isn’t worthy of Wesley now. Besides, that woman is long overdue for a lesson.”

“That’s right.” Wesley nodded with a smile. “ Minister Mead, Catherine cheated on me. I don’t plan on letting her off easily.” “Haha, I know.” Gavin smiled. “She shouldn’t be let off easily. As it happens, Shaun brought his child here. You can use the child as a threat. After the divorce, you can make her your mistress, but my daughter has to be your legal wife. You can play with catherine however you want, but you can’t let her give birth to illegitimate children.

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