Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1756

Hannah knew about the Mead family’s plan. Yes, she was going to be the prime minister’s daughter in the future.

She thought of how powerless Shaun was earlier in front of Wesley. Actually, he was quite useless.

She liked men who were strong and capable. Shaun used to be like that in the past, but now…

“Hannah, did you forget what you said to me before?” Shaun stared at her anxiously. “You said you love me.”

When she saw his anxious expression, she suddenly lost interest in him. “I do love you, but you always make me take the initiative. Shaun, I can promise you that as long as you behave in the future and belong only to me, I can guarantee your safety. Are you willing?”

“If I’m not?” Shaun clenched his fists.

“If you’re not, then you won’t even be able to crawl out today.” Gavin barked out a cruel laugh. “That’s good. We can let your mom accompany my friends in the business world.” Shaun’s eyes trembled.

He took a deep breath and lowered his eyes in humiliation. “Fine. I’ll listen to Miss Mead in the future.”

“Hehe, you’re such a good boy, Shaun.”

Hannah was so delighted that she forgot that she had originally brought Shaun here to get her parents to agree to let them marry.

“No, Shaun, that’s not it.  You should  say that you’re willing to be a dog for Miss Mead. ” Wesley put the gun against Shaun’s temple and warned in a low voice.

“I’m willing to be a… dog for Miss Mead. ” Shaun lowered his head as his eyes raged with a cold light.

“Haha, how interesting! That’s so funny! ”

The room echoed with the laughter of the crowd.

Gavin was very happy. “The man who used to be the richest person in the country, Young Master Hill, is willing to be the Mead family’s dog. How interesting!”

“Minister Mead, this is just a little appetizer.

Things will become even more interesting.” Wesley reminded him with a smile.

“That’s right. Wesley, the wisest decision I made in my life was choosing to work with you.” Gavin patted his shoulder. “I can hardly wait.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a bodyguard’s voice came from outside. “Minister Mead, Prime Minister Snow and his family have arrived.”

“Let’s go and greet Prime Minister Snow.” Gavin brought his wife downstairs. “Hannah and her dog, hurry up and follow us.”

“Go on,” Wesley whispered in Shaun’s ear,“ Actually, it’s quite good for you to be Hannah’s dog. You’ll be able to see Catherine be a b*tch for me.”

Then, he laughed and walked off.

He did not see how fierce and poisonous Shaun’s eyes were as they stared at his back.


Nathan’s family of three, as well as Jason and Rodney, appeared in the banquet hall.

“Welcome, Prime Minister Snow. It’s a great honor to have you here for my birthday party.” Gavin smiled broadly as he walked up to shake hands.

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