Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1758

The people chattered.

Shaun kept his head lowered. Hannah looked back at him, and after feeling some contempt for him, she started feeling smug.

Rodney turned pale with anger and bit his cheeks fiercely.

“Shut your mouths! ” He snapped at the people who were talking. “ Shaun is my brother. You’d better watch your words.”

“That won’t do.” Wesley laughed. “He’s going to be a dog. If you want to be his brother, then you—”

“How dare you?” Nathan interrupted him coldly, the aura emanating from his body making the crowd flinch.

However, Wesely and Gavin did not care at all.

“Prime Minister Snow, President Lyons is my friend. You shouldn’t yell at him like that.” Gavin smiled vaguely with a hint of warning in his tone.

The crowd looked at Gavin in shock. However, after thinking of how things were beginning to stir in the capital recently, they kept their mouths shut.

When the big fish fought, little shrimps like them had better stay quiet.

“Minister Snow, he’s just a businessman. Am I not even qualified to reprimand him?” Nathan said with an expressionless face.

Wesley smiled and said, “I didn’t mean to insult Young Master Snow. It was him who said that Shaun is his brother.”

“That’s right. He’s the one without self-respect. Who is to blame?” Gavin hooked his fingers at Shaun. “My shoes are dirty. Come here and lick them clean.”

Everyone looked at Shaun in schadenfreude. Shaun’s body stiffened motionlessly.

“Hurry up and go, ” Hannah whispered to him.

Shaun finally turned his head to look at her. His eyes were dark like a wolf’s, making Hannah shiver for no reason.

However, when she remembered that she would be the prime minister’s daughter soon, she simply raised her hand and slapped him. “Didn’t you hear what I said?”

She suddenly felt quite good after slapping him.

In the past, Shaun looked down on her and acted high and mighty.

Now, she could trample on him however she wanted. It was even more satisfying than letting him marry her.

“Stop!” Rodney roared. “Hannah Mead, how dare you hit him? Who do you think you are?”

“What? Can’t my daughter hit a dog?” Gavin said coldly.

“Gavin Mead, what do you mean?” Rodney stepped forward. “As the saying goes, before you hit a dog, look at who its owner is. Shaun is my friend and my brother. My uncle is the prime minister. Aren’t you completely disrespecting the Snow family now?”

As soon as those words were spoken, the entire banquet was engulfed in a pin drop silence.

Everyone looked at Prime Minister Snow with trepidation.

“Minister Mead, you’re not trying to slap Shaun but me, aren’t you?” Nathan’s deep gaze looked at Gavin.

Now that things had come to this point, Minister Mead also stopped pretending. He glanced at Wesley and laughed. “Prime Minister Snow, you’re too much. I’ve done so much for the Snow family these years, but on my birthday today, your nephew yelled at me because of a dog. I think that you’re the one who wants to slap me instead. How about this? If your nephew kneels and gives me an apology, I’ll let what happened today drop.”

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