Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1761

With Rodney’s sudden affirmation, Wesley’s body stiffened in spite of himself.

Wesley had spent many years planning everything before coming to this point. No, his plan could not have gone wrong.

“Wesley, what does he mean?”

Gavin pulled a long face and walked toward him. Now that he was only one step away from success, he would not allow anything to go wrong.

“Minister Mead, I reckon he’s trying to buy time to throw us into chaos. We don’t have to treat his words seriously, ” Wesley said with a deep, indifferent voice, “What matters most now is that we need to take control of everyone in the Snow family.”

“Don’t worry about this. I’ve already assigned some people to keep an eye on the Snows. They’ve probably been besieged by our people by now.”

Gavin shifted his cold gaze to Nathan. “Nathan, the Snow family has become a shadow of its former

self. Pass the seal to me, and I’ll consider not taking your dad’s life. Otherwise, I’ll deal with your dad and brother before your turn.”

Once he finished speaking, Nathan’s furious face flashed with an imperceptible smile. At this moment, he behaved as though he was born to be the prime minister. “Gavin, do you think that I’d be bold enough to attend this banquet unprepared?”

Gavin was momentarily stunned, but the next moment, he appeared untroubled. “So what? You must not know that the whole of Canberra, except for your security guards, has fallen into my clutches. I’ve even occupied the prime minister’s office.”

“Really?” Nathan stared fixedly at Wesley without panicking at all. Instead, he smiled even more broadly.

It dawned on the guests that something was not right with Nathan. Consequently, they began to panic.

“Don’t worry, everyone. The Snow family can’t possibly make a comeback.” Gavin comforted all the influential and wealthy guests with his calm voice.

Ryan suddenly chuckled. “Dad, just tell them the truth. Now that Gavin has shown the cloven hoof, he’ll appear together with his gang this time. We can jump at this opportunity to round them up in one fell swoop.”

The living room echoed with his eerie laughter, causing more people to feel uneasy for no reason.

“Minister Mead, are you sure you’re infallible?” Finn approached Gavin nervously.

Gavin glowered at him. Before he could speak, a commotion suddenly arose behind him.

By the time he came to his senses, Shaun had snatched a gun from the security guard beside him and quickly pressed it at Hannah’s temple.

“What are you doing?!” Hannah screamed with fright.

“Shut up.” Shaun dragged her into his arms and jabbed the gun harder at her temple. He bent over and looked down with a threatening smile. “If you rattle on, I’m going to shoot you in your ear.”

“Shaun, what are you doing? Let go of my daughter!”       Gavin flew into a rage. “Are you asking for death?”

“Minister Mead, calm down. This… could be Prime Minister Snow’s plan.” Wesley gripped Gavin. “But it’s foolish how he’s trying to turn things around by threatening you with your daughter.”

Gavin was momentarily stunned. He then furrowed his brows.

Hannah was his only daughter whom he had always pampered. Even so, if he were to choose between his daughter and power, he would choose the latter.

After all, even if he lost his daughter, he could still have more children after rising to the top.

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