Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1762

Perhaps Gavin could have many sons by then.

“ If he’s planning to threaten me with Hannah, he can dream on,” Gavin suddenly said grimly.

Madam Mead yelled, “Are you crazy? She’s our biological daughter. You can’t leave her high and dry.”

Hannah was trembling all over. “Dad, please save me. I don’t want to die.”

“Hannah, if I give in today, Nathan will destroy our family later.” Gavin sighed helplessly. “Shaun, I can give you 200 billion dollars as long as you let go of her. I’ll also guarantee that the Hill family can live without worries from now on.”

“Hah! How funny. Who can be sure that you’ll keep your promise?” Shaun narrowed his eyes and smiled at Hannah. “Miss Mead, didn’t you just ask me to be your dog?”

“I… I was kidding. ” Hannah’s legs shook with fear. “As long as you put down the gun, I’m willing to marry you. We can even get married now, and also…

let me remind you that your son is still with us.”

“Are you sure my son is still with you guys?” Shaun asked playfully, “Take him out for me to see.”

Madam Mead shouted at the security guards, “ Hurry up and bring him over! ”

After the security guards left, they did not come back again. A shot soon rang out from the courtyard. Subsequently, an army squad dressed in khaki uniforms dashed in from the courtyard and subdued everyone in the banquet hall at once. A 40- year-old commissioned officer walked out, yelling through the walkie -talkie, “Listen up, everyone. Hurry up and put down your guns. You guys have been besieged. There are snipers everywhere, so don’t act rashly. Otherwise, you’ll be killed.”

All the guests in the hall immediately panicked. Even the security guards whom Finn sent here were at their wit’s end.

Gavin felt anxious as well. How did the army barge in when his people had already surrounded the entire manor? “Don’t panic, everyone…”

“Who are you guys? Stop moving.” Finn clutched Rodney in a state of panic. “Quickly put down your guns, or…”

With that, a bullet penetrated Finn’s head. He widened his eyes right before he plopped down to the floor.

“Snipers!”  Someone screamed.

However, it was too late. All the security guards in the banquet hall had been shot dead within seconds.

“As I said, don’t act rashly, ” the commissioned officer said through the walkie -talkie once again. His gaze was extremely cold.

Petrified, everyone instantly kept their mouths shut. They did not even dare to breathe too loudly.

Even Wesley and the Meads were shivering all over. Clearly, the abrupt twist to the situation had caught them off guard.

At this point, they still could not figure out what was happening. They had gained control of Canberra, had they not? Why had everything changed all of a sudden?

After the commissioned officer came down from the second floor, he knelt on one knee in front of Nathan. “Prime Minister Snow, I’ve dealt with everyone outside as per your instructions. Those at the gate of the Snow family’s house have been arrested as well. At present, the whole manor is already within our control.”

“Great job. You may get up.” Nathan slowly nodded, his deep eyes sweeping over everyone in the banquet hall.

A lot of them looked ghastly. They had chosen to betray Nathan and even addressed Gavin as the prime minister, proving that they were all part of the conspiracy.

At this moment, they were frightened and shocked. Some of them were even consumed with regret.

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