Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1763

One of the senators whose last name was Jarman promptly laughed and said, “How wise of you, Prime Minister Snow. In fact, I knew from earlier on that you had another plan. Sure enough, you did. No one is more capable than you, Prime Minister Snow.

Australia needs you so that it can achieve greater heights. Gavin signed his own death warrant. How i s he even comparable to you?”

Nathan let out a deep laugh. “Senator Jarman, you’re clever at acting based on the situation. Unfortunately, I think I overheard you addressing Gavin as Prime Minister Mead. In that case, you should remain faithful to him. Take him down…”

He waved his hand. Subsequently, someone dragged Senator Jarman away.

“Forgive me, Prime Minister Snow! It was my fault. I’ll never do it again.”

His anguished pleas lingered in the banquet hall, which made everyone numb with terror. However, nobody dared to say anything for fear that they would be the next person dragged away.

Needless to say, Wesley and the Meads were the ones most frightened now, Hannah as well. Her face, which had been applied with makeup, was filled with dread. She was even on the brink of a breakdown.

Just a few moments ago, she was going to become the prime minister’s daughter, whom Shaun would be forced to subservient to. How did everything change?

“Why did things turn out this way?” she yelled, “ Why, Dad? Didn’t you say your plan would work?”

Gavin fixed his eyes on the commissioned officer dressed in a khaki uniform. “As long as you stay loyal to me, I can pay you however much you want. You can name any amount.”

The officer kept his face impassive.

Shaun stopped jabbing the gun at Hannah. He shoved her roughly to the floor and said indifferently, “It’s no use paying me. What’s more, are you sure you still have so much money?”

“Absolutely.” Gavin nudged Wesley, who was beside him. “He’s the wealthiest person in Australia. He can pay you however much you request…”


Wesley gritted his teeth. Looking at the current situation, he knew he had to get himself away from this at any cost.

After pausing for a moment, he smiled at Nathan and said, “Prime Minister Snow,  I was also fooled by Gavin before this. From now on, I’ll be loyal to  you. I can pay hundreds of billions in taxes to Australia if you’d like. Besides, if you have me backing you in the business industry, you can consolidate your position. Look, I’m a lot more capable than Shaun.”

“Wesley Lyons, how dare you betray me?!” Incredulous, Gavin tried to punch him.

Wesley dodged Gavin’s punch and even pushed him to the floor. “Gavin, you have only yourself to blame for being incapable and unlucky. Prime Minister Snow is head and shoulders above you.”

“You b*stard! If it weren’t for me, would a simple man like you have become who you are today?” Gavin criticized as he pointed at the tip of Wesley’s nose.

“I became who I am today based on my abilities.” Upon finishing his sentence coldly, Wesley said to Prime Minister Snow flatteringly, “Given that I own

Hill Corporation and Golden Corporation, I can solve the country’s unemployment issue by providing tens of thousands of job opportunities. What’s more, I was only aware of Minister Mead’s plot to rebel, but I didn’t take any part in it. In fact, whoever becomes the prime minister of the country doesn’t matter to a businessman like me.”

Nathan observed him calmly with a smile.

Rodney could not bring himself to listen to Wesley. “Wesley, how f*cking shameless you are! Do you take the Snows for fools? Earlier, you told Gavin that he’d dominate the political domain while

you’d dominate the business industry. How brilliant! How dare you say you weren’t involved in the conspiracy when both of you intended to take control of Australia?”

Wesley broke into a smile. “Young Master Snow, I really am influential in the business industry now. In truth, as long as the Snow family is willing to let go of the past and accept my help, you guys can rise to a higher rank.”

“Wesley, even at this point, haven’ t you realized why you lost?”

Shaun suddenly walked up to Wesley and shot him a profound look. “Gavin had the audacity to rebel all because of you. It was because you could support him with an endless supply of funds. Although you spent so much money bribing many people, have you ever thought why the Snows managed to barge into your manor without alarming you guys?”

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