Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1764

Wesley was stunned. By the time he came to his senses, his mind flashed with unease.

“It was because those people had already received a piece of news.”

Rodney laughed and said, “Today, the whole world has blacklisted and is boycotting Golden Corporation. Moreover, Sheryl from Hill Corporation plans to cancel the transfer of shares to Jeffery, while Wade was arrested half an hour ago. Oh, by the way, Jeffery and Sheryl are suspected of massive fraud. The police are now on their way to arrest them. So what do you have now? Only Golden Corporation that deals with the local market remains.”

Ryan reminded gently, “Rodney, although Gavin owns shares in Golden Corporation, he’s now suspected of rebelling. We suspect that Golden Corporation is involved in some shady dealings. We have the right to halt the company’s operations and shut it down. In other words, there won’t be a company called Golden Corporation from today onward.”

“I see.” Grinning, Rodney said, “In that case, you’re left with nothing, Wesley. How can you assist the Snow family and dominate the business industry now? Pfft. You’re f*cking shameless.”

Wesley’s head buzzed.

“This is impossible. It’s impossible.”

With a pale face, he shook his head. He still could not resign himself to this fact. “Sheryl couldn’t possibly have canceled the share transfer.

Furthermore, if Sheryl assisted Golden Corporation, she would be able to solve the company’s crisis as well. She wouldn’t dare to reject me. She wouldn’t dare do so.”

He took out his phone and was about to call Jeffery to look for Sheryl.

Matthew was still in his clutches. If she chose not to help him, he would kill Matthew.

“You don’t have to look for Sheryl.”

Looking at his mad behavior, Shaun interjected nonchalantly. “Sheryl has already learned the truth.”

“Truth?” Wesley began to laugh wildly. “She’s mentally ill. How would she know the truth?”

“I didn’t know that you’ve always taken me for someone who’s mentally ill.”

Suddenly, a female voice rang out.

Nathan and the others moved away as Titus walked in holding Sheryl. Sheryl fixed her eyes ferociously a t Wesley.

Never had she thought that she would one day fall into this young man’s clutches for such a long time.

It was because of him that she harmed her biological daughter and son. She nearly ruined her whole family as well.

Following behind her was a young and thin figure. That person was none other than Matthew.

Matthew glowered at Wesley resentfully as well.

Wesley’s legs turned to jelly. He tottered a few steps backward and hit the chair behind him.

Titus’ gaze was cold. “You planned to threaten my wife with Matthew because you thought he was still with you, right?”

“He… How did he escape?!” Wesley roared hysterically.

He had asked his confidant to hide Matthew in a place where no one would think of searching. It was the most bustling karaoke place in Melbourne. Who would have thought that he would hide someone in the most bustling place?

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