Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1765

“You have only yourself to blame for being wicked and insane. Even your dear ones hate you.”

Shaun said indifferently, “You sank so low as to kill your biological sister’s son. How could she not take revenge on you? Unfortunately, she knows you too well even though you tried to drive her back to Melbourne. She knew from earlier on who you’d assign important tasks to. By getting people to tail you, she found out where your confidants usually headed to. Since Matthew is so important to you, you surely wouldn’t let him die. Needless to say, you’d usually ask your confidants to keep an eye on him, so we got to know where Matthew was.”

“I see. It’s that b*tch! ”

Knowing that he had already lost his trump card, Wesley roared madly. “If I had known this earlier, I would’ve killed that b*tch so that she’d be reunited with her son.”

“Calling you a scumbag is an understatement.” Rodney sighed and said, “How dare you treat your biological sister so viciously?”

“He’s just inhumane,” Shaun said coldly, “He cares about nothing but power and status. He’ll stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He even dared to scheme against people who shouldn’t be offended. Wesley, you’re clever. But sadly, you utilized your skills in the wrong area.”

“You know nothing.” Wesley looked ferocious like a madman. “Do you think I wish to be so despicable? If I were born like Shaun who inherited Hill Corporation, I wouldn’t have needed to go to great lengths to do all this. If I had your status, that damned b*tch, Catherine, wouldn’t have betrayed me over and over again.”

“Damn, you’re f*cking  shameless.”  No longer being able to control himself, Rodney criticized him, “ Shaun and Catherine truly love each other, yet you went all out to tear them apart. You became the third party and kept causing them to break up. What’s more, do you actually like Catherine? You probably just want to take advantage of her.”

“Exactly.” Shaun expressed disdain. “In fact, something’s wrong with your character. Don’t shift the blame to Catherine. If you ask me, it’s very unfortunate of Catherine to have met you.”

“Wesley, you took advantage of me and hurt my daughter. I won’t let you get away with it. ” Sheryl suddenly walked up to Wesley and glanced at him grimly. After that, she turned to say to Nathan, “ I want to take him away.”

Nathan smiled slightly. “Madam Costner, you’re welcome to do so. Mr. Costner has told me all about it. Given that Wesley, Rebecca, Jeffery, and a few others are suspected of massive fraud, the police plan to arrest them. Also, Wesley is suspected of being involved in Gavin’s plot to rebel. Even if you hadn’t made that request, he would either be in jail forever or executed.”

“That’s too light of a punishment for him, ” Titus said nonchalantly.

“That’s true.” Nathan gave Wesley the death stare. “Congratulations, President Lyons. I believe the consequences you’re going to suffer will be much worse than Gavin’s.”

Wesley’s legs trembled with fear as he fell backward.

He had heard about the Costners’ method of dealing with things when he got someone to investigate them in the past.

However, he was overly obsessed with benefits at that time…

“No, no…” He shuddered and thundered, “You guys can’t treat me this way! I’m Catherine’s husband, and she’s my legal wife. Let me go! If you guys let me go, I’ll divorce her right away even if I’ll be left with nothing.”

Sheryl was trembling with anger. She did not expect that he would still threaten her at this point. She wished she could take a gun and shoot him to death.

Upon noticing that she was about to lose control, Titus promptly pressed her shoulder. “Sherry,

don’t worry. Legally speaking, their marriage will be invalid once he’s dead.”

“That’s right. ” Matthew curled his lips playfully and snickered. “From today onward, Wesley will no longer exist in this world. You’re going to be the Costners’ dog that’s locked up in a kennel. I’ll pay you back with interest after how you treated me.”

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