Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1766

Wesley thought about the situation.

Feeling anxious, he tried to flee. However, Shaun shot him in the thigh straight away.

Wesley fell to the floor. Soon, the Costners’ bodyguards dragged him away.

Along the way, his hysterical howls could be heard. Streaks of blood were also left on the floor.

At the sight of the scene, everyone was numb with fear.

They would never forget how they had just gone to extreme lengths to please Wesley just moments earlier.

In the blink of an eye, the superior Wesley was now being dragged out of the place like a wretched stray dog.

Gavin sank to his knees and bowed. “P-Prime Minister Snow, it was my fault. I won’t… do it anymore. I- I wasn’t like this back then. It was… all Wesley’s doing. He egged me on. He was the one who egged me on.”

“Yeah, Prime Minister Snow. My daughter and I didn’t know that they were plotting to rebel.” Dazed, Madam Mead pulled Hannah to kneel together. Amid her tears, she screamed, “We’re innocent! Because of Gavin, we were dragged into the mess.”

“You… You damn b*tch. What are you saying?” Gavin’s blood boiled. He finally saw why people said married couples went their separate ways in the face of obstacles.

“I’m just stating the facts. Do you want to involve our daughter?” Madam Mead looked at Gavin pleadingly. She felt the need to maintain the Mead bloodline regardless.

Gavin had a lump in his throat. At that moment, he was so dejected that he did not know what to say.

Just before this, he had thought of getting a few pretty young women to give birth to a few baby boys for him after he was in power. Little did he expect that he would become a laughing stock within seconds.

At this point, he really regretted his actions. If he were given a second chance, he definitely would not have allowed himself to be persuaded by Wesley.

Nathan fixed his sharp eyes on Gavin calmly.“

Gavin, if it weren’t for your burning ambition, how could Wesley have been able to trigger the beast inside you using just a few words? In fact, I noticed that you started being conceited after I was appointed as the prime minister. When you were at the foot of the mountain, you aimed to reach the peak. But once you arrived there, you found a higher mountain and wanted to climb higher.

However, you forgot that you wouldn’t have been qualified to climb the mountain if it weren’t for me.”

Gavin gloomily plopped down on the floor. All of a sudden, he felt as if he had become ten years older.

Shaun walked up to him and stared down at him. “ Minister Mead, I recalled you saying that you wanted my mom to accompany your old friends.

You even claimed that she was the most beautiful woman in Canberra back then. Since you couldn’t win her heart then, you claimed that you wouldn’t mind fooling around with her now even though she has aged.”

His voice was flat enough to make the Meads’ blood curdle.

“ I- I… was joking.” Gavin shuddered non-stop. He dreaded losing his wife and daughter. He would just end up as a toy for these influential figures.

Madam Mead and Hannah had expected this.

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