Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1767

Hannah hurriedly clutched the bottom of Shaun’s pants and said amid her tears, “Shaun, my dad didn’t mean it. Please don’t take his words seriously.”

“Do you guys take me for a fool?” Shaun smirked. He slowly bent over and spoke in a gentle tone, yet his eyes were frosty. “You guys shouldn’t have threatened me with my mom. Minister Mead, since you were the one who suggested it earlier, I’ll… let you part with your wife and daughter.”

“No… No way. ” Madam Mead was so shocked that she burst into tears on the spot, whereas Hannah tightened her grip on the bottom of Shaun’s pants. “Don’t do that, Shaun. I can accompany you however you want. Don’t you… have feelings for me during the time we spent together? I know you like me.”

With that, Titus, Matthew, and Sheryl shifted their eyes to Shaun. There was displeasure on their faces.

Matthew smiled discreetly. “I couldn’t  tell.” Shaun’s face darkened, and he immediately broke free from Hannah’s grip. “You’re overthinking it. I felt like puking whenever you touched me back then. Actually, my mind was always occupied with another woman. Also, we’ve never done it before.”

Hannah’s face instantly turned ghastly. After she wept, the makeup on her initially exquisite face was ruined, causing her to look like a ghost.

Grinning, Ryan said, “Enough, Shaun. Don’t scare them anymore. Anyway, the Meads have to be executed since they were involved in the plot to rebel.”

The word ‘execute’ came as a tremendous shock to the Meads.

Madam Mead panicked so much that she nearly passed out. Having been leading an aristocratic life, Hannah could not resign herself to the fact and shrieked. “I can work like a horse for you! I can even sleep with you! Don’t kill me. Just don’t kill me. I have nothing to do with the plot.”

“ Same here! ” Madam could not be bothered about other things. “Although I’m old, my skin is still in good condition. Besides, my performance will be to your satisfaction.”

“ .. Shut up, both of you!” Gavin’s eyes reddened with anger.

He never thought that his wife and daughter would give up their dignity. By doing so, they had trampled on his dignity.

“This is f*cking disgusting. ” A look of contempt washed over Rodney’s face. “Hurry up and drag them away.”

Shortly after, every one of the Meads was arrested. Even the Meads’ relatives were taken away for interrogation.

The remaining guests rested their eyes on Nathan with unease.

Nathan raised his hand and pointed at the 3o people present. “Since you guys took Gavin’s side earlier, all of you must be arrested and locked up. As for the rest, bring them away for interrogation. They can’t be released until they’re cleared of all suspicions.”

Everyone was terror-stricken as they never thought that Nathan would have such a great memory. He had made a mental note of everyone who previously sided with Gavin.

At this moment, it dawned on those influential figures that Nathan had long since planned this in secret when everyone assumed him to be gentle and easy to deal with. He waited for those involved with the Meads to show their cloven hoofs, then destroyed them at one go.

From now on, Nathan would have the whole of Australia within his grasp.

“Sure enough, you had a trick up your sleeve, Prime Minister Snow.” Titus smirked impassively.“

You’re head and shoulders above Gavin.”

When Nathan became the prime minister, he already had the intention of getting rid of Gavin and those who planned to betray him.

However, a lot of people refused to obey Nathan back then, which also explained why he had not been able to officially take control of Australia.

In fact, Nathan had always Pinched and put up with everything with the aim of prompting Gavin’s supporters to slowly surface.

Now that all of them had shown their faces, it was time for Nathan to round them up in one fell swoop.

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