Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1769

Shaun’s eyes beamed. He lowered his head and caressed Lucas’ hair. “Good job. When I get back, I’ll tell Mommy about it and ask her to praise you.”

“Ahem. Forget it. I don’t want her to worry about me,” Lucas promptly answered.

Sheryl stared at Lucas in a state of disbelief.

She previously did not know that Catherine was her daughter. Now that she had found out the truth, it hit her that this little boy in front of her was her grandson.

In addition, Lucas bore a close resemblance to Catherine and herself as well.

Sheryl’s eyes reddened as she looked at the boy.

The more she reflected on the matter, the more she hated Rebecca and the rest.

Due to their interference, Sheryl became so foolish that she failed to recognize her own daughter and grandchildren.

She was filled with resentment, yet she dared not step forward.

She was afraid that the kid would hate her.

Mattew darted a glance at her. Then, he turned and said to Lucas with a smile, “Kiddo, come here. Can you guess who I am? I’m your uncle.”

Lucas’ eyes swept over Matthew, Sheryl, and Titus before he said coolly, “Don’t simply take me for your relative. My mom doesn’t have a brother, so I don’t have an uncle.”

At the sight of his cold expression, Rodney raised his thumb in admiration in spite of himself.

This kid was indeed arrogant and offhand. Did he know who the Costners were? They were the kind of people admired by others wherever they went.

Matthew was not mad. Instead, he took great interest in Lucas. “Hey, you’re interesting, kiddo.”

He grinned and walked forward to pinch Lucas’ delicate face.

Lucas nimbly stretched out a hand to block his hand. “I hate people touching my face.”

At that moment, Mathew broke into laughter, and so did Titus. “Your mom gave birth to such an

interesting pair of fraternal twins. Unfortunately, she’s not my biological daughter.”

After pausing for a moment, Titus cast a disdainful look at Matthew.

Matthew was speechless.

What was wrong with him? He just did not have a girlfriend and a pair of fraternal twins. What was so great about those things? When he got married later, he would give birth to triplets.

Even Sheryl’s gaze revealed a sense of warmth.

Nevertheless, she only fixed her deep gaze on Lucas without moving forward.

As much as she wanted to step forward to hug Lucas, she knew that she might lose the only chance of saving her relationship with her daughter if she acted so recklessly again.

She fought back her urge, which resulted in her shortness of breath.

Titus noticed her condition. “I’m going to bring Sherry to the hospital. Also, Matthew is still injured. We’ll leave first.”

“Don’t worry, President Costner. We’ll arrange for the best doctor to treat your wife, ” Nathan said politely.

Titus nodded and said to Shaun, “I’ll come and meet you afterward. Thanks for saving my son.”

After he finished speaking, he left with Matthew and Sheryl.

Shaun led Lucas, Nathan, and the others to walk out as well.

“Shaun, why didn’t you accept Hill Corporation just now?” Rodney thought that it was a waste. “What’s more, the Costners owe you for saving  Matthew. You deserve it.”

“I saved Matthew for my own sake, ” Shaun said simply, “Moreover, I can make a comeback at any time as long as I’m still competent.”

“You’re right.” Nathan shot an admiring look at Shaun. “Shaun, are you interested in joining politics?”

“Forget it. I’m more interested in making money.” Shaun shrugged. “In fact, I’m not desperate for money now. I just hope that nobody will come and cause me trouble so that I can live a peaceful life. Plus… I have something more important to deal with.”

“What’s that?” Rodney asked curiously.

“Pursuing a woman.” Shaun’s sexy, thin lips curved up. ”I’ve already taken revenge, but I need a girlfriend.”

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