Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1770

Rodney was at a loss for words.

He wondered why he previously never realized that Shaun was so flirty.

Was this Shaun’s true character after losing his memory?

“Let’s go.”

Shaun held Lucas’ hand and they got in the car.

Lucas sat in the back seat nonchalantly and scoffed with mixed feelings. “I can’t deny your well- intentioned actions in approaching Hannah before this, but Mommy has completely given up on you. ”

“You don’t know about this kind of stuff, you brat. This is a matter between adults.”

Shaun knocked on the steering wheel gently. “ What’s more, it doesn’t matter even if she doesn’t love me anymore. I can make her fall for me again. ”

Lucas frowned. “You’ve lost your memory and forgotten your relationship with Mommy, so why won’t you let her go?”

“Hey, as our son, don’t  you hope that Mommy  and I can make peace with each other and provide you with a complete family?” Shaun reminded lazily, “ After all, I’m your dad.”

“Really? I nearly forgot about it.” Lucas snorted. Shaun did not know what to say.

However, he could not blame the kid. It was true that he had not been a competent father.

“Lucas, your words have made me reflect on myself. I realize that I’ve been an incompetent father. Now that I’ve dealt with all my enemies, I have nothing much to do. I’ve decided to be a qualified father during this period.”

Shaun suddenly became serious. “From today onward, I’ll be the one sending you and Suzie to preschool.”

“We have a chauffeur. We don’t need you to send us.” Lucas rejected him.

“The chauffeur isn’t your dad. There’s no use rejecting me. You’re only three years old. It’s my duty to raise you.” Shaun had made up his mind.

Lucas knitted his brows deeply.

50 minutes later.

The car finally entered the Yule family’s villa.

Before the car was parked, Catherine rushed out of the villa.

One could tell that she had been anxious the whole night as she did not even tidy her hair.

The night breeze blew through her hair. Under the streetlights, her bright eyes were filled with anxiety until she saw Lucas.

Only then did she gradually begin to calm down. Her eyes even revealed a look of disbelief.

“Mommy… ” Lucas got out of the car. He was still wearing the same black suit, looking cool. He was not injured anywhere. “I’m fine.”

“That’s great.”

Catherine walked up to him and squatted down, then she hugged him tightly.

Suzie, who was licking a lollipop, ran out in a daze.

As soon as Lucas spotted her, he blurted out, “ Oops.”

“What’s the matter?” Catherine was so nervous that her heart clenched.

“There was a lot of tasty food tonight. They were all Suzie’s favorites. I wanted to bring some home but I forgot, ” Lucas suddenly said.

Catherine was speechless.

With a tingling sensation inside her, Suzie frowned slightly. “How tasty was the food?”

After some thought, Lucas replied, “They served the most delicious chocolate cakes in the world and some desserts that were made of the best cream in the world. I found them very yummy. There were also steaks, mud crabs, lobsters, kebabs, and many more kinds of tasty food. The ingredients used were super fresh. Anyway, I’ve never had such delicious food in my life even though I ate the same thing in many restaurants before.”

With that, Suzie’s mouth watered. She was sulky. “ Was the food that yummy? If I had known earlier, I would’ve tagged along. Why didn’t you guys bring me along? It’s unfair that you had all that food for yourself. You guys will be eaten up by the devil.”

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