Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1773

Catherine gazed at Shaun with a complex look as her eyelashes fluttered.

The man in front of her was as handsome as ever, but he had become more hostile compared to before.

Her mind was in a messy state right now.

“Shaun, I remember that you previously told me—”

“You told me that I hadn’t interacted with any women nor did I know about love because I lost my memory. You felt that I was reliant on you.”

Shaun interrupted her, “You’re right, and I did give it a shot. But when Hannah approached me, I just found her disgusting…”

“It was because you approached her with an ulterior motive. Plus, you already knew from the start that she’s evil…”

“But when she touched me, I had no feelings for her at all.” Shaun’s eyes were intent and burning. “ Yet I have feelings for you even when I touch you a little.”

He was too straightforward.

Catherine’s face instantly turned crimson.

Shaun fixed his gaze on her charming face under the moonlight. Earlier, he had been feigning indifference and ignoring her on purpose. At this moment, he finally did not have to pretend anymore.

As his eyes rested on her lips, his Adam’s apple bobbed while his eyes blazed.

Just as Catherine was about to speak, Joel’s voice suddenly rang out from the door behind. “Cathy, it’s already late. Come back and put the kids to sleep.”

Seated in a wheelchair, Joel stared at Shaun vigilantly from a distance.

“Uncle Joel… ” Shaun smiled vaguely. He nodded and greeted Joel politely. “You may return to the office tomorrow. Wesley has gotten into deep waters and no one is going to target your company anymore.”

Joel seemed a little surprised. He had heard his daughter mention Shaun’s plan but did not expect it to have worked out.

Anyway, it was good to know that they did not need to leave this place.

“Thanks.” Joel’s tone was polite yet distant. “From now on, you and Cathy can finally go your separate ways and lead your own lives.”

In other words, Joel would not allow Shaun to get back together with Catherine even without Wesley’s presence.

Pretending that he did not grasp Joel’s message, Shaun gave an innocent smile. “Yeah. Now that Titus has taken Wesley away, Wesley has lost his status. He’s like a dead person now and can no longer be considered Cathy’s husband. It’s true that she can start her life all over again. No one will criticize her even if she gets into a relationship.”

At the mention of Titus, Joel zoned out for a while.

He had long since found out that his first love had remarried. She had married a man who was more outstanding than himself.

In the end, he still missed the chance.

At the sight of Joel’s expression, Shaun said, “By the way, Sheryl has already found out the truth. I’m guessing she’ll come and acknowledge Cathy.”

“I have nothing to do with her.” Catherine finished her sentence with strong resistance. After that, she walked to the back of Joel and pushed his wheelchair. “Dad, it’s chilly here. Let’s go in.”

Joel nodded with complicated feelings. He then turned to say to Shaun, “Young Master Hill, you’re not young anymore. I hope you get a new girlfriend soon. From now on, you’re just the father to Catherine’s kids. I hope you won’t be involved with us in other ways.”

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